Cooliris Activity

  • 1 billion weekly thumbnail views
  • over 30 premium content partners
  • Source: Cooliris, Aug. 2009

Cooliris lets users browse photos and videos from the Web or local computer on an infinitely scrollable 3-D wall. Its award-winning design brings speed and elegance to searching, finding and enjoying rich content.

About the extension

Cooliris is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox that displays a three-dimensional wall of photos and videos from a host of supported websites, local computer, and content partners. You can, for example, quickly browse media from Google Images, Facebook, YouTube, or Flickr, to name a few, or even watch popular TV episodes and full-length movies. Walls can be bookmarked for later access or shared with friends.

With over 1 billion thumbnail views every week and more than 30 premium content partners, Cooliris is quickly becoming the preferred way to enjoy rich media online.

In the early stages, Firefox was invaluable. It's hard to compare.

—Alec Jeong, User Growth Team Leader, Cooliris
Screenshot of Cooliris' 3-D wall of photos and video

History of Cooliris

Cooliris, Inc. was formed in January 2006, with the mission to revolutionize the way people navigate and consume content on the Web. In March that year, the team launched its first add-on, CoolPreviews (formerly named Cooliris Previews), which lets users preview links before cliking them.

The success of CoolPreviews, along with the added ability to preview images, inspired the team to create what has now become the popular Cooliris add-on — a new, separate extension that provides an immersive way to explore photos and videos.

A prototype of Cooliris (originally named PicLens) was created in October of 2006, followed by the launch its official Firefox add-on the following summer.

January 2008 became a defining moment. Cooliris added the 3-D wall of photos that set them apart as one of the most innovative add-ons and showcased the potential of browser customization. Hailed as the "New immersive approach to Web navigation" by the New York Times, Cooliris has gone on to win numerous awards for design and innovation.

Today, the Cooliris add-on sports numerous features, including video and games support, search, shopping, search, and the ability to channel surf and enjoy TV episodes, video clips, and full-length movies from a host of premium content partners.

Why Firefox?

Working with Firefox on the add-on has given us the exposure and large-scale popularity to attract many premium partners.

—Alec Jeong, User Growth Team Leader, Cooliris

Cooliris gives four reasons for choosing to make a Firefox add-on:

  1. Community — the Mozilla community really supports extensions
  2. Enthusiastic user base — Firefox users like to try add-ons
  3. User feedback — "The feedback is an invaluable part of the Firefox experience"
  4. User experience — Firefox is focused on the user's experience

"Firefox is really focused on the user experience. Their rigorous vetting process for publishing add-ons says a lot about how Firefox makes the user experience a top priority. That's something we ourselves truly believe in. We're proud to be working with Mozilla.

—Josh Schwarzapel, Co-founder, Cooliris

Connecting with users

Screenshot of Cooliris' 3-D wall of photos and video

Cooliris' 3-D wall lets you browse through photos and videos in full-screen mode or a browser tab.

An important part of creating a successful add-on is staying abreast of what users are saying about the add-on and actively responding to user reviews, emails, and support requests. Cooliris takes time to respond to every support request and email they receive to help the user figure out what the problem might be.

The Firefox community has been invaluable for gaining in-depth discussion and learning. We have a lot of users who write us for feedback, support, or suggestions. We've found that conversations don't stop with the first email, but rather allow for rich follow up dialogues that propel us to the next level in our product development and outbound communications.

—Alec Jeong, User Growth Team Leader, Cooliris

In addition to responding to user feedback and support requests, Cooliris stays proactive in finding out what users think by conducting over one hundred user studies and dozens of one-on-one interviews with super users and enthusiasts.

What's next?

From their full-screen slideshow view to the scrolling three-dimensional wall of photos and video, Cooliris continues to innovate with their mantra of "Think beyond the browser". Cooliris promises that they're "working on the next wow".