Link Cleaner

Clean URLs that are about to be visited:
- removes utm_* parameters
- on item pages of aliexpress and amazon, removes tracking parameters
- skip redirect pages of facebook, steam and reddit

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Direct Currency Converter for Firefox for Android

Converts prices from any currency to prices in a selectable currency automatically while browsing. Supports $, £, ¥, ؋, ৳, ฿, ៛, ₡, ₦, ₨, ₩, ₪, ₫, €, ₭, ₮, ₱, ₲, ₴, ₵, ₸, ₹, ₺, ₼, ₽, ﷼, etc.

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Search KCLS Catalog

Adds Context Menu to search highlighted text in the King County Library System Catalog

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Bookmanager StockChecker

Adds a popup for ISBN and UPC codes on pages, giving you access to Bookmanager's features for the product.

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Instant Gaming

Browse the web for your favorite games and always know if they are available at !

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Aliexpress Shopping Assistant

1. Encontrar los mismos productos.
2. Precio histórico para Aliexpress
3. Analizar las calificaciones del vendedor y comprobar aliexpress vendedor.
4. Los accesos directos visitan Aliexpress

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Kainu istorija

Atvaizduoja prekes kainu istorija internetinese parduotuvese.

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Offers Olymp

OffersOlymp ist ein kostenloses Browser-Addon, das dir aktulle Rabatte, Gutscheine und Aktionen deiner Lieblings-Online-Shops direkt im Browser anzeigt.

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Personal Shopping Assistant

Your smart shopping cart across the web. Automatically organize the various product pages you visit. Add to favorites and get notified on price changes. Make smart choices by comparing products across sellers.

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Faites vous rembourser vos achats sur plus de 1600 marchands avec le site cashback et de codes promos.

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Get all amazon's europeans stores prices on one page !

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Flash Sale Wala

next sale
Redmi 4A 27th april 2017 (open link before 2 min. of sale)
Redmi 3s 28th अप्रैल 2017 on Flipkart
Redmi Note 4 26th अप्रैल 2017 on Flipkart

अपडेट डाउनलोड कीजिये
update addon before the sale
give 5 if u got ur phone

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The Idle Man

Your online destination for all of your Men's fashion needs. Browse and search all products on The Idle Man store. Quick and easy way to access a range of products on The Idle Man.

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Tjek prisen på Bogrobotten

Find den bedste pris på den bog, du kigger på, ved at foretage et pristjek på Bogrobotten, Danmarks mest omfattende prissammenligningsside for bøger og bogpriser.

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Amazon Tag Remover

Remove the Amazon affiliate tracking ID (tag) from amazon links

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Surfen, Shoppen, Meilen sammeln.
Der topbonus Meilen-Pilot für Ihren Browser

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eBay Time Left

This Firefox addon will add the time left of the currently viewed eBay auction to the tab's title. No more missing auctions because you forgot the tab was open!

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Seashells: Instant Cash Back

Use digital gift cards to pay and get INSTANT Cash Back. Earn up to 20% back instantly at 150+ stores. All just one click away.

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