Fire Drag Sin reiniciar

drag texts and links with/without e10s

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Agregados October 5, 2015

Echobot SalesConnect: Kontakte & News für Vertrieb Sin reiniciar

Finden Sie Ansprechpartner, deren Kontaktdaten, aktuelle News, sowie relevante Fachinformationen und Finanzkennzahlen zu über 600.000 Unternehmen aus dem D-A-CH Raum. Einfach auf die Webseite Ihres Kunden gehen, und den Plugin-Button anklicken.

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Agregados October 2, 2015

iinView-uat Sin reiniciar

iinView Lead Tracker Plug-in for UAT Environment

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Agregados September 10, 2015

iinView-dev Sin reiniciar

iinView Lead Tracker Plug-in for Local Environment

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Agregados September 10, 2015

Startseite Aktualisieren Sin reiniciar

Dieses Add-on setzt bei jedem Start die Startseite auf einen Eingegebenen Wert.

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Agregados August 28, 2015

Speed Tweaks (SpeedyFox) Sin reiniciar

This extension provides a list to almost all the settings that you may need to alter in order to enhance Firefox's speed.

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Agregados August 16, 2015

Simple URL Blocker Sin reiniciar

Blocks URLs by regular expressions. Regular expressions can be entered in preferences, separated by ;
Additional for creating the correct regular expression, you can set a verbose level on this add-on. Output is done to console (info level).

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Agregados August 7, 2015

Memory Optimizer Sin reiniciar

An add-on to Optimize Memory easily and perform Free memory operations without visiting about:memory. The best Memory Optimizer!

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Agregados July 13, 2015

DuplicateX Sin reiniciar

A simple and clean add-on that lets you duplicate your current tab X amount of times.

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Agregados July 12, 2015

usi (User|Unified Script Injector) Sin reiniciar

nutze UserScripts auf deinem Firefox für Android mit usi!

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Agregados March 25, 2015

Grab Web Page Add-on Sin reiniciar

Generate summary from current web page or get selected text from current page and save to your knowledge base powered by

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Agregados February 8, 2015

NewTab&Swipe Navigation Sin reiniciar

Open links in new tabs to avoid reloading when using the Back button. Specially useful in android where Firefox always reloads the previous page when going back. Swiping with one finger to the left or right shows the previous or next tab respectively

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Agregados January 2, 2015

Smarter Scrolling Sin reiniciar Destacados

Flick your finger quickly up or down to scroll right to the top or bottom of the page

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Agregados November 11, 2014

Skip skip!! Sin reiniciar

Add-on permette di saltare autonomamente la pubblicità di
L'add-on carica la pagina di e passa diretamente al sito desiderato, senza aspettare tutti i 5 sec.
Con questo add-on MAI PIÙ attesa e pubblicità fastidiosa su

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Agregados September 14, 2014

Issue Pigeon Sin reiniciar

Try the issue-pigeon menu entry after selecting some broken links or text errors.
The Issue Pigeon just might find its way home.

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Agregados September 1, 2014

Toggle JavaScript Enabled Sin reiniciar

Toggle whether JavaScript is enabled globally or not. Adds a menu entry and an icon to the URL/title bar.

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Agregados August 18, 2014

Show Title and URL for Android Sin reiniciar

This addon provides to show Title and URL and copy it quickly

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Agregados July 23, 2014

gfycat Companion for Firefox Mobile Sin reiniciar

Save some internet bandwidth. The gfycat companion for Firefox Mobile

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Agregados January 10, 2014

mozCleaner Sin reiniciar

Limpia y optimiza tu Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Fennec (inestable), Instantbird y BlueGriffon.

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Agregados August 13, 2013

Open Link in Zombie Tab Sin reiniciar

Add an option to open a link in a new tab without loading the page until you switch to the tab.

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Agregados June 20, 2013