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Cybertrust Deviceid Importer Sin reiniciar

Importing Cybertrust Deviceid to Firefox Mobile

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pkrss is one rss tools, it embed http://www.pk17s.cn
contact with google rss feed,join in multi lanauage support,if default panel has no feed,your can search some feed by keyword in topbar.

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Share a mi temps

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NextPage for mobile Sin reiniciar

A button in the navigation toolbar,auto find and navigate to the next page for you.It works for all sites.

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FAskin Sin reiniciar

Cambia el aspecto habitual del juego de gestión de un equipo de fútbol Football Arena, www.footballarena.org.

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CX CallBook

Guía de radioaficionados uruguayos

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TapTapWrap Sin reiniciar

Inflate chunks of text when you double-tap on them for easier reading.

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Mein Preis - Amazon Preisverlauf Sin reiniciar

Mein Preis - Preisverlauf von Amazon Produkten. Das Addon zeigt die Preisentwicklung auf der Amazon Seite und bietet die Möglichkeit Preisalarme einzustellen um bei Erreichung des Wunschpreises per E-Mail benachrichtigt zu werden.

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Divel Updater

Descarga tus productos Divel desde aqui

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Inputnik Sin reiniciar

Adds mobile-friendly keyboard hints to input fields that appear to be targetting email, telephone and URL data. Also enables HTML5 form validation on the inputs.

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Copy Profile Sin reiniciar

Copy your profile to the sdcard for easy debugging.

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Random Select Radio Buttons

Click this Button and all radio buttons on the current webseite will be selected on a random basis.

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Search Selected Sin reiniciar

Search for selected text using default search engine.

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Tuenti Share

Comparte en Tuenti la web que veas al instante. Haz clic derecho sobre la web en cuestión y pulsa Compartir en Tuenti

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NoDoubleTap Sin reiniciar

Turns off double tap

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ePhoto Uploader is a Mozilla/Firefox addon to allow you to upload any image on websites you're browsing to your ePhotoBay account by just one click. For the addon to work a free ePhotoBay account is required.

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Mobile Installer Sin reiniciar

Facilitates installing XPIs in Firefox for Android.

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Meldium Sin reiniciar

Automatic login to all your favorite web apps. Learn more at http://meldium.com

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Long-Tap Search Sin reiniciar

Search selected text with various search engines from the long-tap context menu.
This add-on provides the way to quickly search the selected text with your favorite search engines.

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Password Exposer Sin reiniciar

Adds "Show password" menu into the long-tap context menu on a password field.
It would become easy to edit and confirm the password for yourself.

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