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¡Ten cuidado con las versiones antiguas!

Estas versiones se muestran con propósitos de referencia y pruebas. Debes usar siempre la última versión de un complemento.

Versión 656.1 KiB Funciona con Firefox para Android 19.0 - 56.*, Firefox 19.0 - 56.*

- Added option to have a gridview for the collections too (related to the `Grid subscriptions` option).
- Added option to change the URL of the YouTube logo.
- Added option to hide the text of the repeat button.
- Added YouTube Experimental tab to the debug category. In that tab it is possible to select the available YouTube layouts.
- Added prefix and suffix to range elements in the settings.
- Added option to choose to only view the highest quality for either DASH or non-DASH formats in the Video Thumbnail.
- Added a save notification in the settings. It is located in the right bottom corner.
- Added an option to add a darker background behind the player.
- Added an option to change the height of the rating bar for both the video thumbnail and the one below the player.
- Added a lazy load option for the country flags. So it will only load the country data when it's needed and not everything all at once.
- Added Antarctica flag. Note that Antarctica don't have an official flag. So the flag that is used is The Graham Bartram design.
- Added color presets to the color picker.
- Added option to change the color of the rating bar.
- Added core functionality for subtitle download.
- Added core functionality for comment filtering.
- Added a warning when the `Click through` option is enabled and the opacity of the overlay is 90% or over.
- Added the ability to scroll up to exit the `Fullscreen Top Player`.
- Added an option to enter the `Fullscreen Top Player` when a video has been started.
- Added an option to exit the `Fullscreen Top Player` when a video has been paused.
- Added an option to exit the `Fullscreen Top Player` when a video has ended.
- Added an option to prevent the player from switching to the `Share` tab when the video has been liked. This includes setting it to switch to another tab.
- Tweaked the quality selector to have two separate methods for the HTML5 player and the flash player, because they each use different methods.
- Tweaked the filename tags to have the prefix `0` for numbers from 0 to 9.
- Tweaked the ads removal a little.
- Tweaked the `Fullscreen Top Player` feature to better detect scrolls. This fixed the issue with smooth scroll including when the mode is activated it will not show a scrollbar.
- Fixed an issue where YouTube Center didn't work as intended in Scriptish (Scriptish is not recommended, use the add-on or Greasemonkey).
- Fixed removal of the endscreen.
- Fixed the HTML5 player where the video wouldn't fill the whole player.
- Fixed the comments.
- Fixed the SPF
- Fixed an issue with the new experimental layout.
- Fixed the error message appearing on the video thumbnails.
- Fixed YouTube embedded videos compatibility.
- [Chrome Extension] Added an option button, which will go directly to the YouTube Center settings.
- [Firefox Extension] Fixed an issue where YouTube Center didn't work when the cookies has been disabled.
- [Firefox Extension] The Firefox extension is now restartless.
- [Firefox Extension] Added translators to the install.rdf file.
- [Firefox Extension] Added an option button in the add-ons page, which will go directly to the YouTube Center settings.

Versión 420.6 KiB Funciona con Firefox para Android 19.0 - 20.*, Firefox 19.0 - 26.*

  • Fixed embedded videos being black.
  • Fixed Chrome extension for older versions of Chrome.
  • Fixed live streams not working.
  • Fixed auto language detection of Japanese (jp->ja).
  • Fixed some options in the settings, which didn't update the rest of the page.
  • Fixed "Watched Videos". It will now only show videos as watched if it's enabled.
  • Fixed title modifications not working correctly sometimes.
  • Fixed infinite loop when watching a live stream with the player set to HTML5 (HTML5 is not supported for live streams).
  • Updated translations.