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I am an Enterprise Software Architect/Developer and I also write my own apps, utils, etc. both as needed and for fun (and I release them as Open Source, etc...) As such, I'm *ALWAYS* on the lookout for icons/images that can be used for Bullets, Buttons, Headers, Toolbars, Horizontal Dividers, Vertical Dividers, you name it... And since I don't claim (nor do I care to take the time away from coding to learn) to be a "Graphics Designer" to make my own, on an as-needed basis, when I see something that I want to add to my collection, I like to save it... often times though, images can be used as Bullets, Buttons, and Toolbar images... so, I need to save them in 3 different directories (as I sort by image type, and then also further by image format (PNG, GIF, JPG) - so, I find an image I like, and it's a PNG, I have to right-click, "Save Image..." and then navigate (on windows; I primarily use unix on all of my machines, but, I'll specify in windows, as it's the same pain in the butt) to "C:\coding\icons\Bullet.Images\PNG\" and then save the image. Now, if it is also applicable to Buttons and Toolbars, i have to do the same, except now I navigate to "C:\coding\icons\Button.Images\PNG\" and "C:\coding\icons\Toolbar.Images\PNG\", respectively.

With this add-on, it's saved me HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS of time... I simply setup a PNG, GIF and JPG entry for each of my image types (Bullet, Button, Toolbar) and then, since it gives you shortcuts using #'s 0 - 9, I can right-click, and then choose "Save File To..." and once the cascading menu appears, I simply press "0" (zero), as a shortcut for the first entry in the list, and it's saved automatically to the "C:\coding\icons\Bullet.Images\GIF\" directory (and renamed to -2, -3, etc. if necessary (or overwritten, or prompted me; depending on how you set things up...) - I could also have pressed "1" and save it to the "C:\...\Bullet.Images\JPG\" directory or "2" to have saved it to the "C:\....\Bullet.Images\PNG\" directory... and then "3" would save it to the "C:\. . .\Button.Images\GIF\" directory and so on... it is sooooooooo useful that I have to say, out of *ALL ADD-ONS I'VE EVER USED*, it has to be #1 in convenience and time savings... FireBug, etc. is a must-have for development/debugging, etc... but, speaking in pure time savings (of not having to save the same image in 3-4 different directories, each time (for however many images there are on the same page that I want to collect), you *CANNOT BEAT THIS ADD-ON* - I WOULD ALSO HIGHLY RECOMMEND DONATING TO THE PROJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!! It honestly, as simple as it may be, is SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH WORTH IT when you take into account the amount of time it will save you (not to mention the strain on your wrist, etc.), and since time is money in the industry especially, it's something that I really can't live without... whenever I'm on a new browser w/o an equivalent add-on, *IT'S THE FIRST THING THAT I IMMEDIATELY "MISS HAVING"*, and I'm being 100% honest... it's so simple, yet so valuable...

Also, I had my wife try it after months of her collecting cool images and sorting them in her own way from the web, and she *HATES* installing add-ons, etc. She prefers to "do it herself" and if she finds out about something, she'll use it, etc.. but *HATES IT* when I show her something and tell her it's better if she uses this or that add-on to do X, Y or Z... however, when I heard that she had been saving images (just need backgrounds, etc... not collecting icons sets or anything like myself) - I immediately *HAD* to show her this add-on, and she (albeit reluctantly) allowed me to install it in her Browser and she said she'd give it a try... sure enough, the next day, when I got home from work (she doesn't work), she thanked me profusely up and down for installing the add-on and boasted about *HOW MUCH EASIER IT'S MADE EVERYTHING* and how she can't believed that she's lived without it for as long as she had...

Bottom line is, YOU CAN'T GO WRONG! Install it! Use it! Love it!

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