Open new tab button missing? Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Love this add-on, but wish that it wasn't "glued" to the Bookmarks sidebar. Would really like to be able to have bookmarks on left, and tabs on right. As it stands now, move tabs to the right, and it takes my bookmarks with it to the right side...

New bug:
Just installed the upgrade (Feb 8 2012), and the + symbol for opening a new tab is missing, along with that whole bar that it was on. When I put Firefox into "Customize" mode (where you can move tool bars, etc. around) it shows up at the bottom on the tab column, but as soon as I click DONE on the customize box, it disappears. There is no way to open a new tab from the tab bar.

Was running Firefox 9.0.1, but upgraded to 10.0, and the problem is the same in both versions. Opened and closed Firefox multiple times with no change. Any help with this, or a bug fix would be great!

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