Muttator Version History

5 versions

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Version 437.1 kB Works with Thunderbird 38.0 and later

* Better compatibility with Thunderbird up to version 38
* Try harder with :moveto and :copyto to find a unique folder

Version 1.2 358.1 kB Works with Thunderbird 17.0 and later

Make compatible with newer Thunderbirds.

Version 1.1 366.6 kB Works with Thunderbird 3.3a1pre and later

* version 1.1
* Compatible with newer Thunderbirds
* Fixed :contact and :contacts commands to work with newer Thunderbirds
* Inherited newly designed Mode display from Vimperator

Version 1.0 349.2 kB Works with Thunderbird 3.3a1pre and later

* version 1.0
* IMPORTANT: With the redesign of Vimperator for version 3.0 lots of things have
changed also for Muttator. Please read Vimperator's release notes as well this time.
* IMPORTANT: It is possible to yank more fields now, but it destroys previous key bindings.
[m]yf[m] or [m]yy[m] to copy "From:"
[m]ys[m] to copy Subject
[m]y#[m] to copy Message ID
[m]yt[m] to copy "To:"
[m]yr[m] to copy recipients, To: + Cc:
[m]yu[m] to copy URL of feed (only for RSS)
* IMPORTANT: 'c' has been changed to 'o' for quickly opening folders
* IMPORTANT: 'i' has been changed to 'm' to go into MESSAGE mode
* IMPORTANT: Passthrough mode has been changed (just like in Vimperator)
to 'i' for a single key and Shift-Esc for all keys
* We no longer enter MESSAGE mode automatically after focus changes,
use 'm' (and Esc) to enter/exit this mode.
* Fix moving of more than one message with :moveto
* add l1,l2,...,l5 to directly tag a message with the 1st, 2nd, ... tag
* Fix ctrl-shift-n/p going to next/prev unread folder (thanks temerako)
* fix all l* (label read/starred/etc.) mappings for new Thunderbirds
* add ":dialog accounts" to open Thunderbird's account manager
* change archive action (<c-s>) to use Thunderbird3 default feature
* remove "archivefolder" option
* Support rich text editor written by HTML.
mode is into editing mode (INSERT, TEXTAREA, VISUAL) if the focused window is editable.
And update map [m]i[m]: into be editing mode if editable otherwise MESSAGE mode.
* enable to edit a HTML message on HTML compose mode.
* new 'foldermode' option to change folder panel view.
* add *-javascript* flag to [c]:abbreviate[c], [c]:iabbrev[c] and [c]:cabbrev[c].
* More small fixes
* enable 'hinttags' and 'extenedhinttags' to setlocal
* Add 'remotecontent' option allows display remote content.

Version 0.6 330.8 kB Works with Thunderbird 3.0 - 3.0.*

* version 0.6
* remove special handling of Ctrl-v/Ctrl-z in insert mode so that usual
copy'n'paste actions will work again when writing a message
* add +/- mapping in normal mode for pagewise scrolling of message
(like , but without automatic jump to next unread message)
* add ! mapping to toggle "junk" state of a message
* asciidoc is no longer required to build Muttator
* The full help system now available for Muttator.
* add 'titlestring' option
* rename *FolderLoaded* autocommand event to *FolderLoad*
* add the *DOMLoad* autocommand event
* add 'online' option
* add 'smtpserver' option
* add 'jsdebugger' option - switch on/off javascript debugger service