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Why was Muttator created?

As the Vimperator extension was a huge success among developers and users, plans were born quite early to extend the idea of a vim-like browser to a vim-like mail client. Therefore we extracted the generic parts from Vimperator, and created an addon which makes using a mail client fun again.

What's next for Muttator

While Vimperator is already quite mature, Muttator certainly needs more love to get the quality of Vimperator. However, adding features is certainly not the only aim for the future, rather we'll continue the path which we started with Vimperator 3.0 - making the addon more consistent, fine-tune the semantics and adding general polish to the addon.

About the Developer

Developer Information
Name maxauthority
User since April 11, 2007
Number of add-ons developed 2 add-ons
Average rating of developer's add-ons Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Who is maxauthority?

I have started to study computer science in 2001, at which time i was still a die-hard windows user and developer. But being at a (technical) university really opens your mind and I quickly began using Linux and loving the idea of open source. Since then i have contributed to lots of open source projects until I finally created my own project - Vimperator. Now I see myself, how motivating it is to have a nice community and other people contributing code or money. Open source just rules. :)