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Really necessary.

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Unlike the old noscript, the new one can only do generic domains. So, there's no way to allow the domain 'google.com' when you are at the URL www.google.com', but block it when you are at a different URL.

Additionally, the extension defaults to permitting all scripts - which defeats the purpose of the extension. You can only block scripts from a new website after you've already loaded the page, and had those scripts do whatever they were planning to do once.

Finally, some websites just don't work with noscript enabled, even after using the 'temporarily allow all' function, leading me to constantly have to enable or disable the extension.

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Noscript has blocked a lot of bad junk even back in the days of when I used windows.
Redirects and clickjacking and even worse stuff.

To those reviews who still are angry about past mistakes he made, get over it please.

Noscript gives your browser rock solid security. This is why I use firefox/firefox derivatives.

The allow globally dangerous scripts option is a must for newbies and impaitent people.

Thank you once again Giorgio Maone! This addon is the best I have seen on firefox ever!

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After finally updating Firefox from 56 to 60, I'm dropping this addon simply because the new UI is a horrid confusing mess. Now I remember why I refused to update for so long.

What a way to go: UI design suicide.

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Great idea, but it ended up being useless to me because the URL field is truncated until unreadable. Adding a way to read the URL would immediately change this to 4 stars for my limited uses. Adding script types/classes/categories as well as URL viewing is closer to what I image as 5 stars.

Which URL field? the one in the Options page?

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Ursprünglich wohl ein großartiges Addon, inwzischen aber komplett unbrauchbar und Müll, da schlechterweise die Funktion entfernt wurde, alle Scripts einer Seite temporär zu erlauben. Stattdessen muss man entweder alle Scripts immer erlauben, oder diese mühselig einzeln erlauben, was gut und gerne einen Nachmittag dauert pro Seite (!), da man u.a. die unterschiedlichen Reihenfolgen beachten muss und ständig neuladen.

Selbst wenn die Funktion nun einfach nur extrem unzugänglich ist, aber irgendwie freischaltbar wäre, wäre das Plugin deutlich entwertet.

Nun entspricht es den üblichen "schlechteren" Alternativen auf Chrome! Weil immer alle alles nachmachen müssen, selbst wenn es sinnlos oder schlechter ist...

"Temporarily set all on this page to TRUSTED" is still there, and you've got also the new "Disable all restrictions for this tab only" too. What do you believe you're missing, exactly?

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Firefox and no script. Love them both

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It's very nice to block tons of s**t, on different sites, and only watch the content you want.
I will use NoScript as long as I live, it's a must have, when you want control over harmful scripts, not getting on your PC.

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uMatrix гораздо лучше!

Can't log in to Origin.com Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I can not login to EA's website "Origin.com" because it opens in a pop up, and hides noscript so that I can not see which websites to allow.

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You can use either the context menu or the keyboard shortcut

Alt+Shift+N opens NoScript's UI wherever you are. Otherwise, just right click on the page and select the NoScript icon.

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Had issues previously with certain sites, tried again now and all my issues appear to be resolved. Thank you so much for providing this important security functionality!

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Thank you

Thx Rated 5 out of 5 stars

good soft

Firefox < 57 is still supported by NoScript "Classic"


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effective but it blocks even turned to whitelist. un installing it was a must for me.

If it does, it would be a bug. Could you please report it?

Could you please explain what was blocked even if whitelisted at https://noscript.net/forum so, if it was a bug, we could fix it?

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viel security für wenig aufwand, top

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A very long time user of this addon, besides Adblock Plus it's first one I installed for over a decade. I installed it on family members computers and it helped mitigate the crap from infecting their computers. Firefox was typically secure but flash and other plugins were a landmine just waiting for you to visit the right website!

Fast forward to recently and exploitable Plugins are dead, browsers are better secured and advertisements are starting to become regulated but We now have crypto miners, and cpus that can be exploited directly from the browser. Yep, Noscript still has its use.

The new version of Noscript blocks more than scripts. It functions similar to Ublock, But it has limited control on per sites rules. We should be able to add our own presents, instead of just 3. Which is why I prefer Ublock now because it offers finer control and a more intuitive interface, but you need to rtfm to get the best results.

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"Custom" is how you deploy site-specific rules...

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If had Chinese language,it would better.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (