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Hello, I see that v0.9.8 is on the author's website, which is in Austria. At work, I'm not allowed to load software from outside the U.S. Could this version v0.9.8 be put here on mozilla.org ? Thanks !

work with "BarTab" add-on ? Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I like the CopyAllURLs add-on quite a bit, and use it frequently. I recently loaded the "BarTab" add-on that will do a lazy-load of each tab only when you click on it -- it speeds up FF initialization very much.

The pages that BarTab doesn't actually load (such as "http://my.yahoo.com") show their titles properly (such as "My Yahoo!") on the tab, but in a greyed out tone. However, CopyAllURLs will export these entries as:


instead of as

My Yahoo!

Since FF is displaying these unloaded pages' titles in the FF tabs properly, shouldn't CopyAllURLs be able to put their titles in its output ?