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Works very well--quick, easy, and effective. I don't remember any ads since using Bluhell. Thank you.

But I have 2 problems. First, please make the icon label say if it is on or off, instead of having both give the add-on name and version. I can't see the little icons that well, and there is little difference between the blue and the black ones, so if I click on it accidentally, I don't know if it's on or off. It seems to be red in your images, but not on my browser, so the supplied images don't answer the question.

I'd really love a whitelist, even a short one of 5-10 sites. I've opened the same safe site dozens of times since using Bluhell, and it always blocks it initially. I open a bunch of links to it and go off for a brief break, pleased that I'll be able to shop when I return, and they're all blocked when I return. Gets tiresome. But I will go on using Bluhell, it's too good to give up on. I just hope for whitelist capabilitity. I don't mind having to add things to it myself: I'm not saying you need to create a list of good sites, just let the users customize our own lists, even if they're short. Although longer would be better.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Hi, first of all thanks for your review, you have some good points there.

I can understand your concern with the icon. In fact, i made the icon's eyes intentionally turn from white to black to make it more visible when it's disabled because as you said there won't be much difference from blue to black for some users on their monitor. Also, If you are using Australis you can make the icon bigger by moving it to the Panel area, but in any case i'll make the enabled/disabled status text show up in the tooltip for the next version, no problem.

As for a whitelist, there doesn't exists the concept of "short list" - it'll slow down the extension regardless. However, it seems you're talking about the "active protection" (ie, the "Site Blocked!" warning) rather than a whitelist for blocked content, which is a different matter. That shouldn't slow down the extension since it's a separated component.


Edit: I've just finished implementing both features for the next 2.3.0 version, but i'll wait for another user to provide details on his issues on some news site before releasing this version (until weekend, though)