Meet the SnipR Developer

Why was SnipR created?

It has, now a days, become dramatically easy for the websites to locate a visitor of their site. And if the user is on a Geo-location capable device - then it's a feast for them - to triangulate the location with maximum accuracy.

l've always wondered, where are those websites' hosting servers located. True that no practical/heavy website is hosted on mobile smartphones. So, no GPS/WiFi triangulation, but only IP based Geo-location is possible for them. Albeit less accurate (upto city level precision), but nevertheless 25kms radii is not too bad to locate something on the Globe.

ShowIP was an AddOn which used to give us the IP of a visiting site. But please don't confuse SnipR to be an enhancement over it. It's particularly tough to get the location data than finding the IP of the visiting Site. Showing only the IP of the visiting site doesn't take more than 10-lines of efficient code with Gecko 2. What I actually wanted to know, is the location of the web-hosts, than only their IP, and this is where SnipR comes in.

What's next for SnipR

■ SnipR 1.0.0 [landed]
» The primal working prototype.

■ SnipR 1.1.0 [landed]
» Upcoming version with major Performance & UI overhaul.
» Backward Compatibility with Firefox 3.6, Faster & more Optimized Codes.

■ SnipR 1.2.0 [landed]
» Asynchronous XmlHttpRequest.
» Higher default zoom level for Google Maps.

■ SnipR 1.5.0 [landed]
» SnipR & SnipR Mobile branches has been merged.
» No more remote JS calls from chrome:// privilege, (logical) security issue fixed.
» No more AJAX - information fetching utilizes JSONP technology for performance.
» Backward compatibility has been called off, doesn't work on Firefox 3.6 anymore.
» Fetches optional contents from the web, so lighter download package.
» Further minimizes resource footprint & has gone faster.
» GitHub homepage & bug-tracker; developing wiki pages.

About the Developer

Developer Information
Name Debloper
Occupation Developer & OpenSource Technology Evangelist
User since January 8, 2011
Number of add-ons developed 4 add-ons
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