Web Development


YSlowJP Requires Restart


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8 users

OpenLink HTML5 WebDB-to-XMLA Bridge Requires Restart

Bridges the HTML5 Web SQL Database API to tabular XMLA (XML for Analysis) data sources.

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558 users

DOM Counter Requires Restart

Shows the number of DOM elements within a page.

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6 users

InstaImg right-click Requires Restart

Easy and fast image uploading from a simple right click of any image.

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1 user

Cargador de Imagenes de ChilePic Requires Restart

Con este complemento podras cargar imagenes de un sitio externo a chilepic con tan solo el boton derecho del mouse y hacer clic en "Cargar imagen en ChilePic", y se sube automaticamente, tambien contamos con un redimensionador excelente.

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9 users

ImgFlex Remote Upload Requires Restart

Remote upload and resize with one right click on image!

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1 user

Wrz.co AutoSubmitter Requires Restart

Handy tool making submitting to ddl sites a whole lot easier. This is used by wrz.co

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1 user

Sauce Launcher Requires Restart

Launch Sauce Scout sessions in any browser you want with a single click!

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57 users

Proto.io print helper extension Requires Restart

Enables print functionality in Proto.io

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636 users

ASP.NET Errors Linkifier Requires Restart

Modifies ASP.NET error pages to displays links that allow to open the corresponding file in your favorite editor.

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30 users

Jet Donkey Social Bookmark

Jet Donkey Book Marking add-on.
Supplied by Jet Donkey for users of this site.
Right click anywhere inside a page to submit to Jet Donkey under your user account.

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1 user

JO Link Target Finder Requires Restart

Finds links that have a target attribute

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1 user

Web Developer Toolbar Button Requires Restart

Add "Web Developer Tools" button in toolbar.

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5,373 users

Digger Reloaded 2

This is Restartless Build of previous version. Toolbar button added.
Dig through URLs with mouse right button click (context-menu).

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7 users

Rgraphics - Image Uploader Requires Restart

Uploader dla hostingu zdjęć by ramf95.

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1 user

kabotya Requires Restart

proxy(gae and dotcloud)/google link remover

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3 users

rainbowguitars Search Engine Requires Restart

Vintage guitars,
Shure sm57,
Shure sm58,
Gibson Les Paul,
Fender Stratocaster

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5 users

Bytes Converter

Convert among bits, bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes, petabytes and more.

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38 users

Gwt Reload Debug

Gwt Reload Debug recarrega uma Tab automaticamente após o restart do Debug ou caso fique seja o primeiro Debug inicia uma nova Tab carregando o URL de Debug configurada.

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51 users

ExtJS 4

Embed ExtJS library in Firefox Browser.

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132 users