Web Development


Screen-sharing for upwork.com

Screenshare in Upwork.com video solution

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GitHub Extensions

A bunch of little enhancements for GitHub web

* Quick Merge
* Approvers Avatar
* Plus-One Counter
* Link to CI build
* Plus-One Emoji

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134 users

MM4 Screen Capturing

Megameeting Firefox extension to enable screen capturing

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Quick Login Plugin

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A screen-sharing extension

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Mid-Click Restart

Middle-click the quit button to restart. The simplest, tiniest, and 5.5 KB only extension for restarting.

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51 users

Font Changer

Change any page font instantly with a simple click, choose from a list of over 800 different fonts.

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Devtool Toolbox

Export PHPStorm rest client xml,

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escombons Requires Restart

Lets certain web pages run the specified program.

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Adds an 'upgrade-insecure-requests' CSP to all HTTPS server responses. On HTTPS pages, this should make the browser at least try to load HTTP resources over HTTPS instead of just ignoring them (if security.mixed_content.block_display_content=false).

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This extension creates a real-time visualisation of your browsing activityMonitorito is an extension capturing and visualising all the requests being made by the browser. Users can see a graph of all the domains they have accessed via requests, along

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StylRRR - Barebones Userstyle Injector

Lets you add userstyles in a mini addon.

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Copy Plain Text Requires Restart

Copies text without formatting...

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728 users

Slashy Requires Restart

Fixes Windows backslash file separators in links and images and other types.

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622 users

Sourceforge Direct Download Requires Restart

If you frequently download files from Sourceforge projects, use this extension to automatically convert download links to use your favorite mirror (instead of having Sourceforge prompt...

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12 users

URN Support Requires Restart

Redirects URN links to its related resource.

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20 users

Active Whois plugin for Firefox Requires Restart

Starting Active Whois to get details about any Web site owner and its host server...

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325 users

Copy as HTML Link Requires Restart

Creates an HTML link to the current page using the selected text and copies it (into the clipboard) for pasting into other applications.

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729 users

DBGbar Requires Restart

A debugging toolbar for use with servers running DBG. Enable debugging of the current page, the next page, next form submit or the whole session from a toolbar menu...

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287 users

Select Address Bar Requires Restart

This extension fixes a REALLY annoying bug(?) on linux using gtk on amd64(it might apply to other *nixes and other platforms as well). ...

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