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ffclipboard No Restart

Created to workaround ZeroClipboard's limitation of only working on mouse clicks. Once this Add-On is installed into Firefox >= 34, every page has an additional window.ffclipboard object which allow access to the Firefox Add-On SDK's clipboard.

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Firefox-on-OS-X Label No Restart

Add a text label* to your Firefox icons in OS X

*To set or edit your label, go to the Add-on's preferences (press Shift-Command-a)

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Seedbaz Torrent Adder

.فایل تورنت و مگنت را به صورت اتوماتیک به سیدباکس خود بفرستید

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rogumemove No Restart


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PageRank Replacement by LinkResearchTools No Restart

The LRT Power*Trust metric helps you evaluate the quality and trustworthiness of a domain or page you are currently visiting.

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ScheckProKeyword No Restart

Search keyword position in google

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Xplug for APEX Page Designer No Restart

Enhance the APEX 5.0 Page Designer with some features currently unavailable in the official release (switch panes, custom Page Designer Styles)

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File URI Scheme GET from Page Script No Restart

Provide an API to GET file:// URI scheme files from a page script, as allowed by regular expressions in Preferences.

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Counting Strings No Restart

Allows you to generate exact & measurable string lengths for testing website forms.

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DanieLing Screenshare Test No Restart

Extension to enable screensharing on particular domains

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Selenium-IDE Plugin to record web traffic and create Performance Test for JMeter.

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zBReviewBoard No Restart

Enables screenshots for zipBoard

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Build Link Markdown No Restart

Build a markdown link from the selected text or the current page's title.

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localization verifier 0.0.2 No Restart

einmaliges Einspeichern von geolocate-Angaben

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VirtuMed No Restart

Screen-sharing extension for http://virtumed.code-runners.com/

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remember-blink No Restart

Remember <blink> tag

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vuepanel.com Screen-sharing No Restart

A screen sharing extension for vuepanel.com, a service for collaborative business meetings.

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Auto Reset Browser

Closes all the windows and open a new browser window after a specified time of inactivity. Perfect to use if you use Firefox as a Kiosk Browser...

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XHTML Ruby Support

Adds XHTML Ruby support.

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Reload all your Live Bookmarks aka RSS feeds with a push of a button

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