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Смена раскладки текста

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Added May 5, 2013

Picmasa Uploader

Upload your images/photos to our free image hosting servers and share them with your friends, family,and collegues, with a simple right button mouse click.

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Added May 4, 2013

Lick is the new Like No Restart

Change the Like button and icon on Facebook for the Lick button and icon.

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Added May 2, 2013


Submits songs to your profile from online music services such as Pandora, Songza, Sound Cloud, Rdio, 8tracks etc.

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Added April 30, 2013

Radio Bunker No Restart

Simple link a la pagina de Radio Bunker.

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Added April 29, 2013

SE Mail for Firefox

SE Mail Extension for Firefox.

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Added April 27, 2013

AOL Share This No Restart

Easily share sites via AOL Mail, Facebook or Twitter right from your browser.

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Added April 26, 2013

AOL Mail Preview No Restart

Preview and access your AOL Mail, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail all in one place.

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Added April 26, 2013

IM LinkBar

IM LinkBar is a toolbar that give quick access to all of the major search engines, social networks, Internet Marketing forums, TOP affiliate networks, major JV partnership sites, and all the TOP payment processors!

Stay Connected To The IM World!

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Added April 25, 2013

Hide Facebook name No Restart

Simple plugin to hide your Facebook name and profile image from the top panel and the sidebar.
Useful when you're at a crowded place and you don't want anyone to know your account name.

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Added April 25, 2013 No Restart

Save images from any website to your account on

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Added April 23, 2013

WRAPmail No Restart

WRAPmail users can create wraps in the included WrapMaker from scratch or choose an email template and combine this with an image library and customization.

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Added April 20, 2013 Chat and Notifications No Restart

Connect with your Matches even when you are not on!

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Added April 19, 2013

IPerity Click-to-Call

Allows calling anything on a website that looks like a phone number

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Added April 17, 2013

求職小幫手 (Job Helper)

逛人力銀行時即時顯示公司不利於員工的紀錄, 以利求職者對公司有更一步的了解

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Added April 15, 2013

Slick Write

Take your writing to the next level.

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Added April 13, 2013

Wykop Cleaner No Restart

This addon improves the look of tags on microblog and removes social media options from the site.

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Added April 11, 2013

VoIPGRID Extension No Restart

The VoIPGRID Plugin brings Click-to-Dial, availability management and queue monitoring to your browser!

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Added April 11, 2013

BeeIMG Firefox Uploader No Restart

Upload Images to BeeIMG easily. Right-click on any image and click 'Upload to BeeIMG'.

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Added April 10, 2013

Retweet with comment No Restart

This extension allows make a retweet with a comment in Twitter web page

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Added April 8, 2013