Privacy & Security


Rapidly Changing Passwords No Restart

Change your passwords frequently!

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FB master No Restart

Show who is watching to your profile.

Block info about you
* are online on facebook
* have read chat message
* typing a message

More info in addon setting.

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Extrasafe No Restart

Just remember one master password text, Extrasafe takes care of the rest ;)

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MAXify 2016

MAX scrubs your web pages for scam telephone numbers and saves you time and money while finding competing VIP offers!

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Lasource Helper No Restart

Increases visitors privacy

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Simple Gmail Notes No Restart

Add notes to email threads in Gmail.

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IDENTOS PW Manager ID50 No Restart

Stores authentication data on a hardware-encrypted USB device and allows you to fill out log-in forms automatically.

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Control what gets sent as the HTTP Referer on a per-site basis.

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Secure your messages with xor encryption. Xorypt helps you encrypt/decrypt your messages with xor encryption method using two keys.

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Truefactor No Restart

Truefactor integration for password inputs. generates, encrypts and automatically backups your credentials.

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HelloID Extension No Restart

Tools4ever HelloID Extension

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AnonTab No Restart

let AnonTab = `${NoScript + HTTPSEverywhere + PrivateBrowsing + proxy}`;

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TrickTracking No Restart

Visualizes the profiles created by online trackers.

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Teampass Connect No Restart

Teampass Connect permits to grab existing Items in your Teampass instance related to the opened webpage in your web-browser, and to automatically fill-in the login/password fields inside those web pages.

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MasterKey No Restart

Derivate your passwords from a secret key and the service name

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Uncheck Stay signed in Yahoo Login No Restart

Uncheck Stay signed in automatically for Yahoo Login

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Youtube Age Unrestrictor No Restart

Watch age restricted You-tube videos without signing in. You can play the restricted video by refreshing the browser or by clicking the action button. NO REDIRECTS, NO EXTRA TAB, Just watch the video as you watch other youtube videos.

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Native AdBlocker No Restart

한국 웹의 광고를 효율적으로 차단합니다.

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Keep Until Closed No Restart

Add-on to assist with the 'keep cookies until closed' lifetime policy.
Adds a single button to allow the current tabs cookie to survive a browser restart.

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Clean It No Restart

One click to clear your cache, cookies, history data.

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