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Jak zrobić zdjęcie strony internetowej - WKOPI.PL

Jak zrobić zdjęcie strony internetowej (www)?
Chcesz wykonywać zdjęcia stron internetowych wprost z przeglądarki?

Ten dodatek pozwala na bezpośrednie wykonanie zdjęcia danej strony internetowej przez serwis WKOPI.PL.

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Added February 20, 2012

COLTON extension

This extension is needed by CONTOLN web app

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Added February 19, 2012


Roughly estimate how much time it will take for Youtube to buffer the video on current page

"Andaaju" means 'a rough estimate' in my native language Kannada (

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Added February 19, 2012

Furaffinity Submissions extension

Furaffinity extension: Tab Opener.
Opens all items of a gallery/favorites/submissions/search results of the active window in new tabs.

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50 users
Added February 16, 2012

Furaffinity Download extension

Furaffinity extension for fullautomated download of entire galleries / search results / favorites and more.

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1,691 users
Added February 16, 2012

LinkRedirector No Restart

Redirects any links to your arbitrary address by customizable filters.

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450 users
Added February 16, 2012

Image Resizer/Scaler No Restart

Simply resize/scale any images on the web by dragging an image!

Live demo:

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2,922 users
Added February 15, 2012

Дополнение позволяет Вам быстро и просто загрузить на хостинг любую понравившуюся картинку или фотографию всего в 1 клик! Размещать свои изображения в соцсетях, в блогах, на форумах и на других сайтах ещё никогда не было так просто!

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Added February 14, 2012


Convert Youtube Videos to MP3 Format in just 2 clicks! With the MP3 Button on all Youtube Video pages!

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Added February 8, 2012

Remoku No Restart

A web app for Roku remote control

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712 users
Added February 6, 2012

UK TV Guide and Search

A comprehensive, and up to date, Guide and Search for hundreds of UK TV channels based on data from

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Added February 5, 2012

Child Lock

Child Lock is a firefox extension that blocks obscene content in web pages using nude.js library. Demo:

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Added February 2, 2012

SC2 Ratings

Adds powered rating functionality to a number of sites.

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Added January 31, 2012

ext-youtube No Restart

Play Youtube videos in external application.

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Added January 31, 2012

SciLor's Grooveshark Unlocker for Germany

Diese Erweiterung erlaubt es dir Grooveshark(tm) in Deutschland wieder zu nutzen.

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5,459 users
Added January 29, 2012

Grooveshark Proxy

Unlocks Grooveshark through a proxy to use in Germany.

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718 users
Added January 27, 2012

ProxMate - unblock your favourite content! No Restart

Proxmate lets you access the most popular 200+ channels from around the world including Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC, ITV, 4oD, Spotify and many more.

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74,535 users
Added January 26, 2012

Imgflip Quick Submission

Simply right click on any image while browsing, then click Submit Image.

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Added January 25, 2012

TinEye Commercial API Search

Adds TinEye Commercial API search context menu item for images.

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326 users
Added January 24, 2012

YouTube video auto-replay!

If you're like me, and you'd rather listen to your favourite songs on YouTube,this extension is for you

Adds YouTube auto-replay functionality to any video. Just browse to any youtube video, and click the extension icon, then get back to work.

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75 users
Added January 23, 2012