Automatically saves the users forms, and allows the user to view saved forms by ckicking on a button.

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14 users

JIRA Status Colors

Script allows you to color Issues by status in JIRA v7.0

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6 users

My Instant Calculator

A basic calculator which does simple things.New features coming soon in next version.

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21 users

Shortkeys (Custom Keyboard Shortcuts) for Firefox

Easily customizable custom keyboard shortcuts for Firefox. Forked from https://github.com/mikecrittenden/chrome-shortkeys/

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9 users

Voipfone Browser Calls

Converts telephone numbers into links that can be clicked to place a call using the Voipfone callback service.

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48 users

Nyaa Magnet Links

Add magnet links on NyaaTorrents

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294 users

Copy Link Text (WebExtension)

Copy the text of the link.

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15 users

Backslash to Forward slash

Firefox does not convert backslash to forward slash in URL automaticaly and does not open the link. This add-on corrects the URL with backslash and open page.

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24 users

Fast Copy Links

Copy links on Ctrl+C.

For copy link - hover cursor on link and press Ctrl+C.
Ctrl+Alt+C copies all links to buffer, what was copied with Ctrl+C hotkey after FCL activation.

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125 users

Screensharing Helper for Talky.io

Helper utility for enabling screensharing on the Talky.io videochat service

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155 users


Omnisequences are keyboard sequences which you can customize. This is inspired by google shorcuts. This aint your grandma's shortcuts but sequences with reusable functionality across sites and extensibility.

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4 users

Prisma Media

Désactive automatiquement les adblockers sur les sites de Prisma Media

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307 users

jjjjj Requires Restart


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2 users


Japanese dictionary lookup from context menu.

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14 users


The AnnoMarket Web Page Annotation Plugin allows the users to annotate webpages of their interest using a variety of annotation tools provided by the AnnoMarket platform. The plugin allows the user to process web pages directly from the browser.

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1 user

Dynamic Zoom

Dynamically adjusts the zoom level based on the width of the browser window to prevent the website from reflowing every time the window is resized.

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29 users

Unibet Adblocker

Unibet Adblocker is a browser addon which blocks ads and instead gives you information about what is going on at Unibet.

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7 users

DTMF dialer

This addon dials phone numbers with DTMF to be used with the microphone of a desk telephone. So you can paste a phone number in the addon and dial it automatically instead of dialing it on the phone.

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7 users

url to PDF

Our Firefox add-on feature works in the same manner like main website conversion process. You will be expected to click right on the page
that should be saved and select the format such as PDF or image and have the whole process completed quickly.

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488 users

URL Suffixer

One click suffix any url !

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9 users