Page Reload Study 1

This addon is a Firefox Shield study aimed at understanding the relationship between reloading web pages and page breakage.

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Data saver proxy for Firefox

Data compression proxy for Firefox-enables the DataSaver feature provided for chrome

DIsclaimer:This is not official implementation of Google DataSaver.
Proxy Server is owned by Google.
1.Super User Question http://bit.ly/2gN4mMi

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YourSportsInHD Stream Unblocker

Allows you to watch streams from services that blocked our domain

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PDF editor online

Create and edit PDF files with PDF editor online

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Xvideo downloader for Android

Easy to use xvideos.com video downloader created specifically for Android devices

Download porn videos to your device from xvideos.com with this addon

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UniBT Proxy

A simple Firefox add-on to quickly enable/disable the Uni Bayreuth Proxy.
Please note: Won't work with the "private browsing mode" enabled.

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Cisco WebEx Extension

Join WebEx meetings using Firefox ™

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Enable Copy, Cut and Paste

Enables copy, cut and paste actions on Web pages which block any of those actions.

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Enable Right Click and Copy

Enable selecting, copying and right clicking on pages that restrict them.

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Browser Uptime Requires Restart

Report the duration of your current browser session.

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URL Suffix Requires Restart

You can change the prefixes and suffixes which are used to complete a URL on the location bar when using the Control+Enter, Shift+Enter or Alt+Enter key combination.

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GothicSingles Toolbar Requires Restart

Provides Site integration for members of the online network...

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cYMStatus Requires Restart

Change your Yahoo! Messenger status

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Depeche Mode Sk Browser Requires Restart

Browse through the depechemode.sk website

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musicbasket Requires Restart

An extension to enable firefox to download and manage music from search engines like mp3.baidu.com and music.yahoo.com.cn. Also, you can let firefox call a music player to play them...

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Numpad Typing Drills Requires Restart

Learn touch typing of the numpad keys.

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NLIA Helper Requires Restart

NLIA helper allows you to browse the web in your native language. You can use Turkish, Cyrillic, Greek, Chinese, Korean alphabets in your...

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TE/FE ToolBar Requires Restart

This extension will give you the power of browsing both www.techenclave.com and www.funenclave.com on firefox. Plus you have the common site search and search history functionality...

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Anekdots Requires Restart

Русские Анекдоты
Russian Anecdo...

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GamesRadar.it Menu Requires Restart

Quick access to forum's section of GamesRadar.it through a menu...

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