Scroll buttons

Scroll Buttons allow you to reach the top or bottom of the page quickly

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68 users
Added February 13, 2014

Tasks No Restart

A Task organizer ( Experimental ). A lot of new features to be added.

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88 users
Added February 8, 2014


YPU-labs firefox extension for offline browsing

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5 users
Added February 7, 2014

Firequote No Restart

Zeigt auf Wunsch zufällige buddhistische Zitate an.

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2 users
Added February 7, 2014


Save text to tomboy notes. Basically just Tomfox 1.0.6 modified to work in Firefox 4+.

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5 users
Added February 5, 2014




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21 users
Added February 4, 2014

Grooveshark Broadcast Bot No Restart

Create or takeover a broadcast with this bot, then enjoy what the bot can offer!

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17 users
Added February 1, 2014

Prevent Out Of Virtual Memory Crashes

As soon as maximum contiguous virtual memory approaches zero, the browser will be automatically restarted to prevent "out of memory" crashes (with either "mozalloc_abort(char const* const)" or empty crash signatures). For Windows power users.

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Added February 1, 2014

Stop Redirect Gmail Splash Page No Restart

Stop Redirect form Gmail top page to splash page.

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Added January 31, 2014

Jira Extended Clipboard

Just one click button, you will get copied to your clipboard: jira Key as a link, and the summary of the jira ticket or the result of a jira search (even in HTML table).
It's perfect to be used in emails or documents, so references are clear enough.

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59 users
Added January 27, 2014

TeXZilla No Restart

Add-on giving access to TeXZilla, a Unicode TeX-to-MathML converter.

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153 users
Added January 25, 2014

MathML Copy No Restart

Add menu items to copy MathML and TeX formulas into the clipboard.

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124 users
Added January 25, 2014

WebGL-Inspector No Restart

An advanced WebGL debugging toolkit.

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52 users
Added January 24, 2014

tableScrapper No Restart

This addon allows user to extract data on webpage structured in a tabular form and save it on to their system.As of now the addon is able to extract data only from a html table element.

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161 users
Added January 24, 2014

CallBroker CTIGateway No Restart

Envie llamadas a su terminal telefónico, desde su navegador.
Este plugin funciona conjuntamente con CallBroker CTIGateway. Para más información consulte nuestra web. www.dafquest.es

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1 user
Added January 23, 2014

Vimperator 繁體中文幫助

給 Vimperator 擴展增加繁體中文幫助,並設為默認。

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77 users
Added January 23, 2014

MathJax Native MathML No Restart

Force MathJax to select the Native MathML output mode.

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142 users
Added January 22, 2014

LQ Score

LQ Score

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Added January 21, 2014

Yandex Next No Restart

Автоматическая подгрузка следующей страницы Yandex

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287 users
Added January 19, 2014

Magneto Calendar Extension No Restart

The Magneto browser extension lets you create meetings and to-dos from any web page and adds them to your day. Plus, it automatically extracts key information from leading websites, letting you create new appointments and to-dos in a single click.

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291 users
Added January 16, 2014