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xMinecraft es un Servidor de Minecraft que está disponible las 24hs online y permite la entrada de jugadores Premiums y No premiums.
Esta aplicación mostrará el status del servidor mismo.

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UK TV Times

Shows Now and Next TV listings for UK TV channels.

See whats on right now on any of the 58 freeview channels with full descriptions.

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Script add's mibbit chat widget on Mars2025 page

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Z Lingapp poznajesz i zapamiętujesz nowe angielskie słowa – dokładnie te, których potrzebujesz.

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Little modification at some Microvolts forum sites, which causes the correct presentation.

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Battlelog tweaker

v 1.0: COM Center collapse

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Gmail Toolbar Button

Gmail Button opens Gmail at a special tab.

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ВидеоВолна - помощник киномана

Быстрый переход на страницы:,,, по названиям фильмов и сериалов. Удобный запуск просмотра в онлайне.

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Funny Junk Image Fixer

Displays Funny Junk images when they are linked-to on another site.

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TWBooster is an easy to use BOT that helps you stay on top in your TW game.

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Critical Strike Portable No Restart

Critical Strike Portable - cross-platform online game running on Unity3D engine. The main developer is Igor Levochkin. There are a lot of features in this game. It is well-known from childhood game, but in a modern wrap.

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TopRacers F1 Manager

TopRacers F1 Manager is an online multiplayer Formula 1 manager game. This add-on opens a new tab directly to the game page. We will continue to evolve it adding more offline functionalities.

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Flexi eBooks No Restart

Search and find your favorite books, audio books and e-books.
- Discover and preview new titles.
- Listen to audio books.
- Create virtual bookshelves for your books.
- See what your friends are reading.
A fun way to find great books!

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D3 Install Availability Checker

This addon will notify you when the remaining of the install od Diablo 3 is ready (should be a few hours before release).

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Con esta extensión podrás leer las Kukis (frases) que se han enviado a KukiNet, la red social móvil de moda. Encontrarás frases de todo tipo: de amistad, amor, que hacen reir, reflexiones, temas de actualidad... Más información en:

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14 users gaming streams notifications

Track your favorite gaming livestreams from and

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Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat is a simple tool that lets you open your favorite Cat at each new tab.

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Personal Video Commander

The Multimedia as a Service allows a subscriber to receive or send an integrated communication consisting of mixtures of voice, data, image, and video information.

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Ardilla Helper


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EiffelProjects Website Redirection

A VERY-VERY Simple Add-on to redirect my sites.

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