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View interesting YouTube videos whilst increasing your own viewership at the same time. The add-on will automatically view other member's YouTube videos in a playlist fashion.

Membership is free, simply run the Viewer and collect credits!

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Soyez au courant quand Jiraya commence à streamer!

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More purchase options in Steam Store

Seamlessly integrate alternative purchasing options on game pages. These will link to both Is There Any Deal and the DRM Free alternative GOG

Source code:

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CSGOFloat Market Checker

Uses the dedicated CSGOFloat API to allow you to retrieve the float values of CS:GO market items directly from the page! Retrieve the "float" and paint seed of market items in one click and when using pagination, the float data is saved!

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Loteria Paragonowa

Dodatek ułatwiający wprowadzanie paragonów biorących udział w losowaniu nagród w loterii paragonowej organizowanej przez ministerstwo finansów.

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YouTube Enhance for Google Search

Play or download YouTube videos in Google Search Results. No need to go to YouTube.

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Nyan Cat Requires Restart

Nyan Cat is a simple tool that lets you open your favorite Cat at each new tab.

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MWAddon Client Requires Restart

Improve Mafia Wars gameplay experience and feel free while it is doing the hard work.

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Mesuring how much you have scrolled on 9GAG

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Whatsapp Web

Use WhatsApp on Web

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Twitch Disable Whisper

Removes the whispers from twitch completley.

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Synchronously play your videos in two browsers.

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Waves Nx Extension

Enables audio manipulation on songs and videos.

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Fast access to your account

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Auto play/loops a youtube video.

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Vikings Gatherer

This add-on helps players to gather resources in flash game The Vikings

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Firefox extension for Oddshot

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BLL Redirector Requires Restart

BrowseLikeALocal is a service that lets you connect to other websites as if you were connecting from their country, i.e. it let's you browse like a local. Everything works automatically, you don't even need to switch countries manually.

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Makes Twitch just a little bit worse for everyone else.

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Catify any site! Choose an element from a site and change it to cute cat picture. Powered by

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