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Preview in Firefox chooser No Restart

Adds 'Preview in Firefox' option to "Open With" dialog for pdf files.

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3 users
Added June 22, 2014

Bagf Apps No Restart

The official Firefox Extension to the Bagf Apps site!

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1 user
Added June 14, 2014

FatPipe Downloader No Restart

provides firefox with a "Download With FatPipe" option

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94 users
Added June 14, 2014

ScrapBook X

Helps you save web pages and organize your collection. This addon is based on ScrapBook by Gomita and ScrapBook Plus by haselnuss.

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73 users
Added June 10, 2014

Text MultiCopy

Copy Text multiple times before pasting

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239 users
Added June 4, 2014

URL MultiCopy

Copy Text URLs and Hyperlinks multiple times before pasting

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154 users
Added June 3, 2014 YouTube2MP3 Converter

Adds an option to convert, Videos online to MP3, MP4 and more

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8 users
Added June 1, 2014

YouTube MP4 No Restart

Download videos from YouTube and convert them into MP4 files for free.

Service by

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111 users
Added May 8, 2014

YouTube Video downloader and Converter No Restart

This extension helps you to easily download youtube video and converts them automatically to Multiformat. It is very simple, useful and saves you from a lot of work by adding a download button right at the bottom of the youtube video.

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138 users
Added May 8, 2014 No Restart

Wtyczka ułatwiająca korzystanie z serwisu

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237 users
Added May 7, 2014

Vkontkte Honest Downloader No Restart

This add-on adds to the social network VKontakte pages button for downloading music and video.
This add-on gives only direct links to download without having to visit other sites.

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72 users
Added May 2, 2014 Linkload No Restart

Add-on to simplify the download with the Multi-OCH ''.

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107 users
Added April 30, 2014

Open Download Manager on Download No Restart

When a download is started, open the Download Manager interface instead of the download panel.

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224 users
Added April 30, 2014

OpenWater Platform Bulk Downloader

Bulk download files for awards, abstracts, conferences, etc

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10 users
Added April 23, 2014

Modern Download Manager

Modern Download Manager add-on gives you total control over every aspect of your downloads and modern design.

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9,283 users
Added April 15, 2014

gimload No Restart

the ultimate google images loader!
Bulk open the full size pictures of google's imagesearch in new browser tabs fast and easy.
Then you can use another add-on called "Tab slideshow".

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255 users
Added April 15, 2014

Download Plan No Restart

An addon to download files at specific time interval

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702 users
Added April 14, 2014

PlayOnTv Desktop - отправь видео на свой SmartTV

Воспроизведи любое видео на своём SmartTV

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751 users
Added April 13, 2014

Install Collection No Restart

Install add-ons from a collection page on in a few clicks

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118 users
Added April 11, 2014

ShareDownloader Remote Extension No Restart

Simple and easy way to send links to your ShareDownloader App.

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20 users
Added April 9, 2014