FoxChat Online Requires Restart

Click on the FoxChat icon in the browser's toolbar to open a chat window.
The chat service is powered by Narawa Games.
For localizations in languages other than English, you need a translator add-on such as Google Translate.

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Easier to find the mirror

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Our minds store and sort memories based on their context. TapTack gives users the ability to tack words to sites in order to get back to them with ease. The tool is at its most powerful when using as many descriptive words as possible.

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Collect links, text, images, video and audio from any web page with ease.

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site notes

Save your notes on a specific site.

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128 users Button Requires Restart

Open in new tab.

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Official extension for the bookmark service.

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DFG Live Extension

Ne loupez plus votre rendez-vous avec DrFeelgood !

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Bookmark bitcoin ticker

A simple bitcoin ticker, creates bookmarks for markets. Shows best ask and best bid values.
Available markets:

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Follow Feed | Feedly

Add feeds in your Feedly collections. Lots of users have been asking us to expand this feature to content they discover anywhere on the web .
Today, we are doing a step in that direction. You can easily pick the feed you want in a website and add it

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Peso Chileno Hoje

Veja a cotação do peso chileno através do

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The last bookmarking add-on you will ever use.

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Kameto Live Extension

A l'aide de cette extension, vous serez prévenu quand Kameto lance son stream à l'aide d'une notification cliquable. Vous pourrez savoir à tout moment à l'aide de l'icône si il est toujours en ligne ou non.

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Ancla de Webs @ Elinv
Único Addons de este tipo.
Re-posiciona cualquier web que se encuentre dentro de nuestros marcadores en el lugar donde estábamos al momento de cerrar la página.
Ayuda imprescindible para el programador y olvidadizos.

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FASQu Bar Requires Restart


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Voizle Requires Restart

Trimmed your longer URL to easily manageable URLs. Voizle will provide you to have a look on title, meta description and meta keywords along with short voizle url. This extension will allow you to have a look on analytic of any web page.

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Amazon MP3 Daily Deal Button Requires Restart

From the developers of the site -, this button offers an easy way to track Amazon's MP3 Daily Deal. It provides you with the daily MP3 album deal, including the title, artist & the deal price. Past deals are also listed.

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Groupon™ Button Requires Restart

One click to check out Groupon™ or LivingSocial™ latest deals using this button on navigation bar. Supporting and all Groupon™ country sites including US, UK, France, Germany, China and more.

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bug625778 (bookmarks contextmenu should work)

Workaround Bug 625778 - Unable to delete/create bookmark with right click after a Customize, And workaround Bug 688111 and Bug 688933

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Oneindia Malayalam menu Requires Restart

After installing this add-on, 'Oneindia Malayalam' will appear on the Menu Bar of your Firefox Browser and you will be able to directly visit the different sections of the site

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