Mynamid is a site where you can collect your favorite links, YouTube videos, SoundCloud sounds etc.

This extension allows you to easily right click on any website/link and add it to your mynamid.

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Added December 3, 2016

Launch Gmail

Gmail toolbar button:-
- Opens Gmail in a new tab (
- Neat icon

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Added December 2, 2016


Button for exchanging selected bookmarks according to user defined mapping with other URIs. Useful e.g. when the bookmark toolbar is crowded because it allows exchanging / toggling them all at once, just as if there were a second row of bookmarks.

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Added November 22, 2016

Gromadź interesujące oferty pracy w jednym miejscu.

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Added November 21, 2016

Ocean of games

Ocean of Games is a download free unlimited game with single click in few second

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Added November 17, 2016


Show a page action after a period of inactivity. Show cat gifs when the page action is clicked.

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Added November 12, 2016

Scribd Downloader Free

Download Scribd Documents from for FREE in PDF, DOCX, TXT format instantly and no registration required.
The most trusted Scribd Downloader service on the internet

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Added November 10, 2016

LinkLocker - Private Bookmarking

LinkLocker is a lightweight online bookmarking service built from the ground up with your privacy in mind. Use the official LinkLocker Firefox Add-On to securely clip Web content into your LinkLocker account.

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Added November 7, 2016

Bookmark 301 Updater

Automatically update bookmarks for permanently moved resources, while browsing

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Added November 4, 2016


Use this to post content to easily

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Added November 3, 2016

Stowr – Samla alla recept

Spara recept direkt från Firefox till Stowr. Stowr är en digital tjänst som hjälper dig att samla och organisera dina recept, var du än hittar dem! Det är smidigt och vi hoppas att du kommer uppskatta och ofta använda dig av Stowr.

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Added November 2, 2016

React New Tab

This is a new tab page built using React.
Insipired by Safari's new tab page, this addon lists bookmarks in the bookmarks bar as safari cards.

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Added October 31, 2016

Bookmarks Manager and Viewer

An elegant bookmarks manager with fuzzy search and more

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Added October 23, 2016

Bookmark Multi Column Requires Restart


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Added October 22, 2016

Save to Bookmark OS

Save bookmarks easily to Bookmark OS.

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Added October 21, 2016

Save to FileCloud

Save images, web content and screen capture to FileCloud - #1 Self-hosted Enterprise File Sharing and Sync Solution for Businesses

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Added October 19, 2016

Shortcut Skque

An addon which opens '' in new tab on clicking button available on addon bar.

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Added October 15, 2016


Ancla de Webs @ Elinv
Re-posicionamiento web que se encuentre dentro de nuestros marcadores.
Ayuda imprescindible para el programador y olvidadizos.
Mira el video en Twitter:

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Added October 13, 2016

Series Organizer

Organize your shows and track your viewing progress

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Added October 11, 2016


- Firefox extension of the social network of links Like and dislike links, add to read later and to your favorite list.

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Added October 11, 2016