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2KXAOC - online! No Restart

Легкий виджет, с которым вы не пропустите ни одного стрима.

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Gnome Download Notifications No Restart

Linux notification integration for downloads. Works on any desktop which integrates notify-send / libnotify (eg Cinnamon, mate, Unity, xfce, KDE...).

Source on github:

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CHMag News No Restart

Latest security news, as they happen delivered right to you in (almost) real time

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NFL Denver Broncos Interactive Theme No Restart

This is the only OFFICIAL theme for the NFL's Denver Broncos! Built especially for fans of the Broncos, you'll enjoy a stunning theme, quick links to Facebook and Twitter pages and up to date Browns news and information

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捨てメアド【メルアドぽいぽい】 No Restart


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PaperHive No Restart

Get notifications about comments from PaperHive.

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Natural News Updates is an independent news leader covering holistic health.

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Ein Tool welches direkt im Browser meldet, wenn sich die besuchte Seite bei befindet und man einen Cashback erhalten kann. Man ist somit immer auf dem Laufenden und verpasst keinen Cashback mehr.

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Screensharing Extension for G-Med Online Clinic No Restart

This extension enables screensharing for G-Med Online Video Clinic

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GitHub Latest Projects No Restart

Discover Up & Coming Projects on GitHub.Find popular GitHub projects that were created in the past few days (configurable).

Star the repo if you like it.
Available on Chrome.

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Berkeley Browser Study No Restart

Want to help make Firefox better? This extension is part of a research project to occasionally show you surveys to get your feedback.

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link-o-mat No Restart

Verdiene mit der link-o-mat Bar beim Online-Shopping in über 9.500 Shops bis zu 60% Cashback und Provisionen!

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الذاكر - اذكار وادعيه No Restart

أذكار ، ادعيه ، لطائف ، قطوف اسلاميه

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Tsukiyo Power No Restart

Extension pour savoir si Tsukiyo Power stream

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Weather Forecast Global No Restart

weather forecast for every country on the planet

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Untamed Now Playing Resurrection No Restart

Parses artist, title, duration, and more from music sites and saves it to a local file in TXT/JSON/XML format. Can be used in conjuction with OBS, Xsplit, IRC, and other programs to display 'now playing'.

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Access to No Restart

Access to

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Browser Security - DER Schutz vor Phishing und Malware

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Screen Sharing Helper for RemoteMeeting No Restart

Helper utility for enabling screen sharing

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localbitcoins price monitor No Restart

Show bitcoin prices from

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