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Calculette de taxe Paypal (valable pour la France)

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FreshImg Image Uploader

FreshImg Uploader allows you to easily upload images that you stumble across on the web to FreshImg, via a simple right click menu. It also allows you to share them out to your favorite social media sites instantly.

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PasswordProtect is a firefox extension that helps you with keeping your different accounts on the web safe by generating different secure passwords for your accounts. And the best part - you may choose to remember just one password for logging in!

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Funtown's Launcher for Firefox

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Post to swaglr! Stay based.

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Marre des J'aime ? Passez à la vision made in 'Popoze'

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ImgAvenue.com Image Uploader

Upload images fast and easy to ImgAvenue.com by right-clicking on them. Select thumbnail size and image will be uploaded in a second to our image hosting.

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Netwalk No Restart

Decentralized peer-to-peer network

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Unavailable Youtube Videos Marker

This extension marks links to unavailable youtube videos with the strike through decoration, so that you see unavailable videos before clickling.

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Download on arrow panel

EN: Showing the download manager on the panel type of arrow.
PL: Przycisk pokazujący managera pobierania na panelu typu arrow.

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Meneamé Asocial

Meneamé Asocial es una extensión que elimina el plano social del agregador de noticias "Meneamé".

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Bitte schau mal an: Vorhersage Heute, 5 Tagen Vorhersage oder das Niederschlagsradar mit offiziellen Niederschlagsradar-extensie!

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Wyszukiwarka badmintonistow

Wyszukuje badmintonistw w bazie PZBad

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WebSitePulse Site Recorder

The WebSitePulse Site Recorder is an extension which provides an easy way to record, play, edit and save browser transactions.

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Contact Gorilla

The ContactGorilla Add-on lets you quickly highlight contact information on a web page or email and add that information to your Google, Yahoo, MSN, iPhone or Android. You can create new contacts or add additional information to existing contacts.

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Mega Manager Integration

Firefox Integration for Mega Manager modifier pour fonctionner avec la version 5 de firefox

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Test and Target Interface Fixer

Fixes dangers that exist on Test and Target interface

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Ranks NL Page Analyzer

Easy access to the Ranks NL Page Analyzer. For Ranks Friends only. Please note you need to be logged in for this Add on to work.

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Постсовет No Restart

Самые обсуждаемые, актуальные и важные события/новости/статьи/обсуждения прямо в вашем браузере.

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