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translateGe Requires Restart

Georgian-English and English-Georgian online dictionary.

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Omnisequences are keyboard sequences which you can customize. This is inspired by google shorcuts. This aint your grandma's shortcuts but sequences with reusable functionality across sites and extensibility.

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ETNote Requires Restart

Helps tester to take notes during Exploratory Testing.

This tool will help a tester testing a homepage to save data from the browser, e.g. URL or text areas, depending on your settings. It has also a notepad function.

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Open in Volunia Requires Restart

Open in Volunia

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EiffelProjects Website Redirection Requires Restart

A VERY-VERY Simple Add-on to redirect my sites.

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qrfox001 Requires Restart


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jimuu bookmark Requires Restart

积木网 的官方firefox插件,方便把你在浏览网页时候看到的 好的页面,图片,视频,商品收藏到积木。积木希望做你私家的收藏夹。

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OZ Bargain Hunter Requires Restart

Get instant updates on the latest deals, coupons, vouchers and freebies from ozbargain.com.au brought to you by vibesdesign.com.au

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Back Taringa Requires Restart

Recupera parte de Taringa

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TextR.Us AutoSMS Requires Restart

TextR.Us AutoSMS toolbar. Send and receive SMS text messages to and from cellphones around the world...

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vkcontrols Requires Restart

Тулбар для управления плеером ВК. Теперь вы можете переключить текущий трек, промотать, изменить громкость или остановить воспроизведение - все это доступно в один клик прямо с панели инструментов.
Присоединяйтесь http://vk.com/vkcontrols

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Bookmarks Sidebar Scroll Retainer Requires Restart

Memorizes Bookmarks/History sidebar's vertical scroll position. And restores it at re-opening, in each window each session.

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Engin Pressa

Lokar a vefsvaedi sem rekin eru af Vefpressunni ehf. (byggt a Murdoch Block vidbotinni)

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Nophish Requires Restart

Experimental !
This extension detects and interrupts phising attempts.

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Wheater Siedlce ;) Requires Restart

It allows you to display current temperature form Siedlce[PL] town.

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UPIT.NO Requires Restart

En addon laget for http://upit.no/.
Denne addonen gjør at du kan laste opp bilder direkte til upit.no med et enkelt høyreklikk, fra hvor som helst på nettet.
Tjenesten og addonen er helt gratis!

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Add Directly to Unsorted Bookmarks Requires Restart

Add menu to bookmark directly to "Unsorted Bookmarks" in Places.

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淘价比价 Requires Restart


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market2member Requires Restart

Market2Member verktyg för att enkelt söka rabatter och cashback i hundratals butiker på internet

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Customize Http Headers

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