Up & Coming Extensions


Deviant Love No Restart

An artist-centered view of a deviantART faves page

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112 users

Parallel Universe

One click extension to show the Unicode text in installed Unicode font.

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261 users

The Fort Bar

Sidebar support for The West Forts And Duels (http://www.the-west.net)

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45 users


SNPTips allows customers of the 23andMe and deCODEme personal genomics services to access their SNP genotype information without leaving the web page they\'re reading, and anyone else can use it for quick reference about SNPs even without a service.

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759 users

Savings Account Rates Monitor

Monitor savings account rates easily from your browser.

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1 user

PicBox Uploader

With this addon you can mirror all pictures you like. You only have to click on a image with the right mousebutton and upload it to the picbox server. you also can resize it, share it on facebook or other webservices.

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23 users

pinchy No Restart

Re-add pinch and swipe gestures to the trackpad (Mac only?).

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700 users


Use Standard ML (PolyML) as a clientside programming language.

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Copy goo.gl URL No Restart

An easier way to create and share goo.gl short urls.

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884 users

Bob Marley OFFICIAL Interactive Theme

Created by http://BrandThunder.com where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme. This is the only official browser theme built especially for fans of Bob Marley, his music and his message.

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3 users


Make a toolbar to a button

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357 users

Tere Euro!

EEK/EUR Calculator

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5 users

Reverse Text

Reverse Texts directly from firefox!

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73 users

Honestly.com SocialLink

A recruiting and hiring tool for researching and reaching out to candidates across social networks. Research LinkedIn candidates on sites like Honestly.com, Facebook, Twitter, and more. And then reach out, for free! Demo video: http://bit.ly/flcoZ5

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1 user

Мозила Србија

Званична екстензија Мозила Србије

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37 users

lp: URI scheme handler

Makes the Firefox to understand lp: urls of Launchpad

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Ajoute les notes sur DTC, comme dans le bon vieux temps

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1 user

copy-tinyurl No Restart


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asin-link No Restart


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Games Button

The Games button lets you play many free online games directly from your browser with easy access to an endless stream of flash games and other popular online web games.

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31 users