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Very cool theme BrianZ!! This one really stands out from most of the other one's available. Not only because of the animated atom, but your choice of text color and that colorful stripe across the middle.
Nicely done, I'll be looking for more of your theme's if you're still making them. :)

It's been a long time since I created a background theme. Last I knew, Mozilla stopped accepting new animated themes, because they caused the browser to run slower, which tended to create bad publicity in speed tests. Mozilla's tendency to continually mess around with & dramatically change browser layout capabilities has created an unpredictable layout that adversely affects the appearance of designs. Because of this, I became frustrated & lost interest in continuing to design background themes. Many of my themes no longer display as originally intended, and so I spend my time on other things that are more rewarding. I appreciate your positive feedback though, so thanks for letting me know.