A delay would be nice Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I spent this evening trying this extension out, and it did work just as advertised -- it's really awesome that the creator was responsive to user requests for an alternative to the original due to add-on conflicts.

Suggestion 1: let the user set how long we must hover over the tab before the history appears. (The idea comes from Tab Mix Plus's switch-on-hover ability, which is controlled in milliseconds.) Alternately, maybe the menu could appear specifically if we hover over the site icon, or if we hover while holding down ctrl, alt, meta/window or the Mac equivalents.

Suggestion 2: optionally also have the history appear when the user hovers *other* tabs. That would let us check which tab we viewed a particular page in, without having to actually click through each tab.

Suggestion 3: if possible, allow the user to control how many history entries appear (I've always felt that the default number is kind of tiny).

I ran into one mild problem, was that the close button on the tabs didn't respond about half of the time. Holding the mouse button down slightly longer than usual often forced it to obey, but not always. It 'felt' like there was some connection between the menu's timing/presence and the button misbehaving, but I could be wrong.