English football is real Rated 5 out of 5 stars

SaintlyMic, sorry but English football is the real football not American footie or Aussie rules footie. Ours was invented first and as the name association football of football/footie for short therefore we've taken the name. Its the biggest sport in the world by far and the bigger associations are FA, UEFA and FIFA note not FISA or SA but FIFA, football.

Your American football was influenced by English rugby hence why the goals, ball etc are the same/similar so its not even real rugby let alone real football. First come first served I say and isn't football played more than any other sport in your schools even more than American football or baseball? You have football leauges in the MLS and thousands of people do watch it even if its not as big as your sports but I've never even seen an American football specific goal or game played by people here in my life.

If something is invented in a country and put out to the world but another country wants to call it something else in its own land it doesn't mean thats what its proper name is or the invention is changed does it! Maybe we should call the Television or Web something else then, lol.

Great theme though to the creator well done, loving the green.

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