Excellent Add-on Rated 5 out of 5 stars

WOW! Some of the more negative reviews.
I a agree with one person reinstall hands.exe and brain.dll.

*do not use Nitro Reader try another (Foxit Reader or Sumatra, both have portable version.) or make a bug report! I do not have issues with this, but of course I use Foxit Reader.
*features do not work! Hmm...All work great for me.
*Wow still not compatable, hmm worked for me the day 3.6 was released, called Mr Tech Toolkit--> select make compatible.
*Bad experience w/ Nitro..WOW! must not be using the add-on (add-on is not trial). Works great for me easily removable, never affected Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat..
*disabled plug-in....hmm.. must just be that users system. I have this running on three systems using Firefox3.6 and 3 Different OSs
*PDF download no longer works.....Submit a bug report about the link issues.

I wish people would really debug their issue before creating a negative issue review on the software. Its obvious based on most negative reviews on any add-ons the users to not properly debuging. If an add-on does not seem to work, first install the add-on in a fresh profile of firefox, with out any other add-on. The devs of every add-on can not predict nor compensate for every add-on created. Most common issues with add-ons is the version comparability (which is solved by using Mr Tech Tool Kit feature make compatible) or a conflict with another add-on installed. Which if a conflict with a another add-on is only sought by trial and error (fresh firefox profile, add-on having issue with, then reinstalling other add-ons to determine which is causing the conflict. Then submitting a bug report to both and let them determine who is causing the issue.

Once again re-install hands.exe and brains.dll

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