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A very long time user of this addon, besides Adblock Plus it's first one I installed for over a decade. I installed it on family members computers and it helped mitigate the crap from infecting their computers. Firefox was typically secure but flash and other plugins were a landmine just waiting for you to visit the right website!

Fast forward to recently and exploitable Plugins are dead, browsers are better secured and advertisements are starting to become regulated but We now have crypto miners, and cpus that can be exploited directly from the browser. Yep, Noscript still has its use.

The new version of Noscript blocks more than scripts. It functions similar to Ublock, But it has limited control on per sites rules. We should be able to add our own presents, instead of just 3. Which is why I prefer Ublock now because it offers finer control and a more intuitive interface, but you need to rtfm to get the best results.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

"Custom" is how you deploy site-specific rules...