Microstock Royalty Free Image Search Toolbar (picNiche) 1.1.4

Source Code License

Custom License

Description: picNiche Toolbars
Author: Robert.A.Davies (BobBigMac)
email: admin@bobbigmac.com
License: Copyright - All Rights Reserved - Robert.A.Davies
The underlying code in this file may NOT be re-used, modified, derived-from or used in
other software without express permission of the author.
Files licensed under MPL are subject to their own terms.
This complete toolbar is offered free for use, with no warranty either expressed
or implied. Providing the code is not modified in any way.
This license is merely to prevent the complete reproduction of the
existing tool codebase with different referral codes. (Which I would think unfair)
If you'd like to incorporate pieces of the code into alternate tools
please contact me with information about your software,
and which code you'd like to re-use, and we can arrange a
license agreement suitable for both parties.