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12. COLLECTION, USE AND SHARING OF YOUR INFORMATION: When you download and install the Product and the Software, if applicable to your Garmin device you will upload to Garmin from your device certain historical information that is stored on your device, including track logs (a track log consists of a list of spatial points and the times your device was at given spatial points), and information related to advertisements included with certain applications on your device, such as which advertisements were viewed on your device, how often they were clicked and how often certain actions such as saving a coupon or calling or routing to a location corresponding to an advertisement were performed. You should review our Privacy Statement, which can be found at www.garmin.com/product/privacy, for more information regarding the ways in which we collect, use and share this information. BY DOWNLOADING AND INSTALLING THE PRODUCT AND THE SOFTWARE, YOU CONSENT TO THE COLLECTION, USE AND SHARING OF THIS INFORMATION IN ACCORDANCE WITH THIS PARAGRAPH AND OUR PRIVACY STATEMENT.

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