Fox Splitter Version History

5 versions

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Version 2.1.2012122901.1-signed.1-signed 505.2 KiB Works with Firefox 10.0 - 56.*

* Works on Nightly 20.0a1.
* Drop support for Firefox 9 and older versions.

Version 2.1.2012042301.1-signed.1-signed 155.3 KiB Works with Firefox 3.6 - 16.*

  • Improved: Better handling about resizing and moving of grouped windows. Now, switching workspaces on Linux don't break sizes and positions of grouped windows.
  • Improved: Add a new feature "stretch the window to the size of the group". In other words, you can hide other member windows to concentrate your eyes on a window.
  • Improved: Keep the size of the group smaller than the screen if possible. If you are trying to open a new member window and it will be out of the screen, then the whole group will be moved and resized to show the newly opened member in the current screen.
  • Fixed: Restore nested groups correctly.
  • Fixed: Disable "auto hide" feature of the toolbox temporarily, while in the toolbar customization.
  • Fixed: Free memory completely when this is disabled or uninstalled.
  • Fixed: Fix configuration dialog about platform specific workarounds.
  • Fixed: Don't hide the sidebar in grouped windows if Ez Sidebar is installed.
  • Modified: Drop support for the secret preference "shouldFixActiveWindow". Now, focused window isn't shown with complete UI until you set the window as "main" manually.

Version 2.0.2012012901.1-signed.1-signed 128.9 KiB Works with Firefox 3.6 - 12.0a1

  • Works on Nightly 12.0a1.
  • Improved: Window frames for grouped windows are now shrunken for Aero Glass (Windows Vista and later).
  • Improved: Now we can disable "auto rising" of grouped windows. To do it, set the secret preference "" to "-1".
  • Improved: Now the only one "main" window in a group has full UI and others have minimal UI, even if window focus is changed. You can change the "main" window from the menu of the toolbar button.
  • Improved: "Split" button works more intelligently (split to right, split to bottom, split to right, ...)
  • Improved: Scrolled positions of windows which are split from one tab are controled like a two panes in a window.
  • Fixed: Used-defined keyboard shortcuts didn't work.
  • Fixed: Works with single maximized window correctly.
  • Fixed: While you dragging something onto any popup, Fox Splitter now doesn't show the drop position marker.
  • Fixed: Scrolling by mouse wheel was too slow if the window was activated for "sync scroll".

Version 2.0.2011090101.1-signed.1-signed 125.4 KiB Works with Firefox 3.6 - 10.*

  • Fixed: Extra toolbars didn't hidden actually even if it is unchecked in the section "visible UI in split windows" of the configuration dialog. Now, they are hidden correctly.
  • Fixed: After a split window is merged to another window, an extra blank tab was opened unexpectedly.
  • Fixed: When this is updated, unexpectedly activated even if this is disabled by user.
  • Fixed: Dragover on textboxes is now ignored.
  • Fixed: Extra context menu items were not updated correctly.

Version 2.0.2011062701.1-signed.1-signed 124.6 KiB Works with Firefox 3.6 - 9.*

Fixed: Panorama was unexpectedly shown after a tab which belonged to a group was split from existing window.