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Could you add an option for not to show in the list all the unloaded tabs? I have a lot of unloaded tabs and I think listing all unloaded tabs slows down the browser. Maybe just an alert if 1 or more tabs are unloaded.
All other is perfect.

VERY THANK YOU. That's all.

OK: Please add tab filter by domain. At the present time we have filter for: pinned tabs, all tabs.

OK: "Per-tab find bar": Each 'findbar' will be allowed to be filled with its own text, I guess.

OK: Firefox used to make the mistake/ability of highlighting two different words at a time when you pressed the button "highlight all" finding a second word (is NOT a two word phrase which would be highlighted finding only the whole phrase), and I like that that mistake/ability.

OK: "Ctrl to repeat the sights again on the current result" IS BETTER!!! but let us pick the hotkey (we can use Keyconfig)
Option to keep sights animation until Ctrl is released, e.g. when you press Ctrl G to search for the next match. Sometimes I need to keep watching at what match I am.

OK: "Double-clicking on a word also selects the following space"
If I am searching for a word and a space in front of it... what is objective of selecting the space when double click a word? The Findbar doesn't put the space after the word in the input, and I have to write the space manually.

OK: "Findbar starts closed in new tabs"
"Findbar starts closed in new tabs": I thought that was only for new opened tabs, but it include already existing tabs.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

That sounds very reasonable. I will try to include that in the next release (might take a while, recently I haven't had a lot of time to work on my add-ons).

EDIT: I'm sorry, the above was about the option to not show the unloaded tabs in the list. The double-clicking on the findbar to close it seems to be a popular request, and that's the only reason why I'm considering it right now, because with all the different already available ways to toggle the find bar, it seems very unnecessary. Also to adjust the width of the findbar, you just have to drag its border, like in the screenshot.

EDIT2: "Double-clicking on a word also selects the following space" is only a shortcut to an already-existing firefox preference. Although you have a point, it seems odd behavior that the space isn't also copied into the find bar automatically. I'll see what I can do about this. And "Findbar starts closed in new tabs" needs to be renamed (this was made before firefox 25, which made more sense then written like this). This preference is basically a "Per-tab find bar" instead of a global find bar. So yeah, already existing tabs as well.

EDIT3: I really think e-mail or opening an issue in the tech support page at github would be better to discuss all these things, it gets messy in here like this, and the whole "review" point is eventually lost. "Please add tab filter by domain.": I will think about this, seems an interesting enough feature, but I'm not sure about the implementation; I'll try to come up with something and we'll see. "each 'findbar' will be allowed to be filled with its own text": yep, but if you don't want this you can just disable the preference of course. "highlight all finding a second word": already on my to-do list, although it's not as easy as it sounds. "Option to keep sights animation until Ctrl is released": I doubt I will add this, mainly because most searches don't actually need the ctrl button, so it would be a very specific "new" feature and not just some kind of "follow-up on a current search" like in your case. Besides, maybe just increasing the number of repetitions of the sights animation... Or, idea popped, how about hit Ctrl to repeat the sights again on the current result if you need it? That would probably be better I think.