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DEVELOPER's response to all of the problems caused by Fast Dial 2.15:

source: http://userlogos.org/node/4964

FD 2.15

Submitted by telega on Thu, 01/08/2009 - 20:06.

New version of Fast Dial has a lot of changes, including changed naming of stored images. So I decided in new version to clear old images and have all users thumbnails automatically re-generated on startup. Many users have upgraded to a new version and thumbnails started refreshing. As many users used logos from UserLogos site, this generated a very high traffic on UserLogos site, which triggered hosting provider's anti-DDOS protection system, which does redirect user to a page with ads. So instead of logos many people got ads.

Then, for people to search for logos more easily I added UserLogos search plugin and made it selected by default on upgrade, so that people know about it. As people tried to search something, they accessed UserLogos and got redirected to ads page due to anti-DDOS protection.

Then I added 3 bookmarks with logos into the beginning of users bookmarks: Gmail, UserLogos and aGoodCause - which is Fast Dial partner. These bookmarks are added only once in a lifetime: on a fresh install or when FD is upgraded from a version number below 2.15.

Then, there were 3 bugs in this version:
1) I added a new tab bar icon displayed next to the "All tabs button" on the right side of the tab bar. This caused a conflict with Tab Mix Plus extension, which resulted in double-height tab bar.
2) In previous version Fast Dial used to intercept "about:blank" urls, and load Fast Dial page. In order to avoid conflict with new versions of Tab Mix Plus (double blank-tab opening), I made Fast Dial load only in newly opened tabs and if chrome://fastdial/content/fastdial.html url is entered. As Tab Mix Plus overrides BrowserOpenTab with its own function, TMP users had to specify TMP to open chrome://fastdial/content/fastdial.html in new tabs, to get FD displayed in new tabs.
3) Address bar bug - was caused by a conflict with IE Tab extension.

The next day I issued version 2.16, which fixed these 3 bugs. Then I paid the hosting company for the upgrade of my hosting plan. The UserLogos site started giving normal error page.
The next day in the morning I opened UserLogos site and discovered that it started redirecting to ads page again, so I contacted hosting provider support claiming to stop this redirection. They fulfilled the request, so UserLogos doesn't redirect anymore, though gives errors caused by lots of visitors.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.16).