Albine Add-ons (DNT+, Privacy Suite, TACO) Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Albine Add-ons (DNT+, Privacy Suite, TACO): Which is the right one for you?

I did some comparison with the three and off hand I am not seeing any difference between Privacy Suite and TACO as far as features go. See images below:

Taco Menu:
Privacy Menu:
DNT+ Menu: No menu (there is however a settings screen for unblocking

Taco Options:
Privacy Options:

Taco Pref:
Privacy Pref:

Taco Pop-up:
Privacy Pop-up:
DNT+ Pop-up: (this images is compared to Priv Suites.

Comparing the above with DNT+, DNT+ is the version I would describe as "no assembly required". Privacy Suite (going on a limb aka TACO replacement) would be described as "Assembly Required, advanced users only model". What it appears Albine has done with DNT+/Privacy Suite is combine the functionality of AdBlock Plus, Ghostery, and BetterPrivacy.

In this screenshot you will notice a discrepency in number counts for one reports 14 the other reports 16 ( Also you will notice javascripts not being blocked some of which are ad's (I have found no claims that Albine blocks .js files). Additionally in this image ( you will find other no .js ads still not being fully blocked. So I loaded Ghostery in this image to compare it to DNT+ ( You will noticed in Browser1 (DNT+) doubleclick was not fully blocked even though its popup as seen in previous image says it has. In Browser2 (Ghostery) its completely blocked. Also if you noticed there is still a bunch of ads.cnn in Browser1 that was blocked in Browser2. One last thing, if look at the DNT+ icon in Browser2, Ghostery caught everything.

The following image shows a snapshot of Albine DNT+ with AdBlock+ installed/enabled. As you can see AdBlock+ blocked everything except the facebook icon: In this image you will see all items AdBlock+ removed

Based on just this single site test I would not recommend soley relying on DNT+ or Privacy Suite. If you are not so tech savy I would suggest using DNT+ in conjunction with AdBlock+ (at least on filter, personally I would go with all three Fanboy's filters). Ghostery should not be needed since DNT+ should block any remainder that AdBlock+ does not get (i.e. facebook icon in the case of

For the technically savy people I would stick with AdBlock+, NoScript, & RequestPolicy. RequestPolicy is a very powerful blocker. In this image it blocked nearly everything except the favicon and something dealing with weather;

It would be nice to have an all-in-one but just not going to happen at this time. DNT+/Privacy Suite appears to be heading in the right direction.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (