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Privacy Policy

Since we are building a complete system for system administrators, we know that they treat discreet informations and we want to protect those informations very seriously. If you are concerned about your privacy and the privacy of your data while using our Toolbar, please read the following:
What we do:

The toolbar sends periodically a call (via the "Ping" feature) to our servers, sending us the following data:

* your browser type (FireFox or IE)
* your browser version
* your Toolbar Id
* the toolbar version you are using

These datas are stored in our databases anonymously, simply linking your Toolbar Id with the other data you send, and they help us to provide you the best experience with the toolbar and focuses our work on what our users really need.

The "Ping" feature checks also if you are running the latest version of the toolbar. If you are not, downloads the latest version and installs it automatically via the "Auto Update" feature.

Both the "Ping" and "Auto update" feature can be disabled in a simple way:

* Click on the "Help" button
* Click on the "Set Preferences" item in the drop down menu
* Uncheck the checkbox corresponding to the feature you want to disable

The toolbar when the user clicks the "Check updates" button sends a call to our servers, transmitting us the toolbar version the user is using.
What we don't do with your data:

The toolbar is OpenSource software and our privacy policy can be well checked in our source code. We want you to save time and we communicate officially that:

* We don't collect data you enter in forms on web pages
* we don't collect your name, email, credit card information and so on
* We don't collect the url of the sites you visit
* We don't collect the keywords you enter in search engines
* The toolbar does not use, collect or transform any data not related to the toolbar itself
* The toolbar installation does not install other software in your PC
* After the uninstallation of the toolbar, there will be no automatical connection between your browser and our servers

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