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OK this is annoying.

This extension installed itself without my knowledge on my Firefox browser (on Macintosh OSX, mind you!) and although I removed it I'm wondering whether it's truly gone.

The way the extension installed itself and the way it is advertised are both highly suspicious to say the least.

Let me repeat: one day I was updating my extensions and discovered that Browserprotect was suddenly just THERE for no apparent reason.

I DID NOT manually install it and I don't know how long I had it in my browser or how it wormed its way in. I'm hoping they didn't get any sensitive information - I've had to change all my passwords just in case.

I don't care what their advertising blurb says. As far as I'm concerned, software that installs itself without my knowledge or permission is malware or spyware, so I got rid of it as soon as I found it.

Gets one-star because 1) there isn't a zero rating and 2) because of all of the above mentioned reasons.

I've reported the situation to Mozilla support.

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Wait... Wait... Wait.... So you designed a "browser protect" xpi that hijacks the browser til you buy your way out of it (possibly)? Stunning.

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I look that addon with HttpFox (or FireBag).
Earlier addon send Private data to FaceBook.
Now that addon not send Private data.Why? BECAUSE HE JUST BROKEN! He don't work.
(I tested only SearchBar protect, deleted exception and change search engine)

Ha-ha. This SpyWare addon not spy because broken!
Mozilla Privacy Policy allow Spy, but that not mean: "SpyWare addon not spy"!

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The best.. stops multiple page hijacks when I look at big ass and big tit sites, especially the videos. I used to have to force quit all the time when multiple windows got hijacked on my mac.. now I surf with no problems at all.... Plenty of spank time now that I dont have to worry about my browser going nuts...

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has not affected my browsers preformance. is non intrusive. not sure if it really works cuz it hasn't ever popped up to say anything (which likely just means i just haven't hit anything bad to activate it yet).

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Why can't I make the "share on facebook" option deselect?? wtf.. The purpose of this plugin was to combat bloatware, but it IS bloatware itself since it always pops up the facebook page, which I couldn't care less about. This is such a load of bs. Unbelievable..

It IS a goodish plugin, but the developer's continued apathy towards the annoying facebook thing is what brought it down to 1 star.

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I downloaded this a few months ago, from this site. For some reason FF started to freeze temporarily with certain things like opening a Youtube video or logging into Facebook.. a few days after installing "BrowserProtect" started popping up on our virus scans all over our network.. Upon further investigation it was a rootkit that was too much hassle to clean, so we ended up having to wipe 4 computers because of this add-on.. I don't know if the software was changed in my case, but I would personally stay away based of that experience.

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BrowserProtect spy

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Private data about search send to www.browserprotect.org every time. It's only protect but didn't privacy. (hello PRISM)

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Хорошее дополнение

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nice addon, but it just doen't allow me to deselect the option to sharing on facebook!Why putting the option if then you can deselecgt it?

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its great! Looks too good.

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I've been using your application in Firefox now I'd like to set it up in IE8. You have a great thing going here, I'll try to get back to you with the results but that may take a wee while..

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Blocks hijacks good

Magic Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Works great, u have to do anything and it will work in background.

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Works great with a discrete button at the lower bottom of my screen. Doesn't detract from my page or browsing. Thanks for this!!

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Perfeito, funciona muito bem

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this is a seriously great idea. i've been waiting for something like this. thanks guys!

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