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I love this add-on! It makes collecting amazing art so much easier!I love how simple it makes organizing them as well
I have it set to download as such:'?memoized-name?'[?pixiv-id?](?member-id?)\'?memoized-name?' - ?title? (?illust-id?)
This instantly organizes everything I get from Pixiv!

However, there is one little thing: Lack of an R-18 option.I would really appreciate if I could set my download to be'?memoized-name?'[?pixiv-id?](?member-id?)\'?memoized-name?' - ?title? (?illust-id?)?R-18?That way, R-18 images would be easily sorted (or deleted, whatever a person needs).
If possible, having an option to simply put R-18 images into a sub-folder would be much better.

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