Serves Me Well Rated 5 out of 5 stars

There are understandable disappointments re: this add-on, but very few legitimate flaws. It deserves no less than four stars in my opinion and here's why:
It has never broken anything for me. Not once has it completely failed to work. Times I thought it had were because of another addon entirely.
95% of its functionality is perfect. I can think of one gesture that doesn't do what it should (last tab, which only malfunctions when using tab groups), but that's it. Not a deal-breaker.
You will notice that on a small percentage of sites, certain frames will not allow this addon to function. You may need to perform gestures from another frame or use a standard method of achieving the result you want for that particular page. This happens infrequently.
It's very customizable. It shows your gesture by drawing a line, which can be widened/narrowed and the color can be changed, or you can have no line at all. (Just an example.)
People, don't rate an addon one star because it doesn't have the one thing you want. You should rate it based on what it is, not what you want it to be. If it claimed to have the thing and then didn't, that would be different. And it's not like there's some universally acknowledged standard for Firefox gesture addons from which you're pulling your criteria.
This is a functional, useful, stable addon that I make use of both at home and at work.