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onepgr screen sharing

This Firefox extension is developed for It doesn't do anything except capture content of your screen.

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Added December 2, 2016

Vk Music Player Button

Простое управление аудиоплеером для новой темы вконтакта. Чтобы не искать вкладку вконтакта для управления плеером.
Один клик - пауза/продолжить мелодию.
Двойной клик - следующая мелодия.

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Added November 18, 2016

Image reverse search with Google

Adds an option to the context menu to search with an image on Google.

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Added November 18, 2016

Settings page protection

Whenever user tries to open settings page, master password is required. Acts like a parental control while sharing computer with others. Users are required to set master password.

Users are required to set Master password

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Added November 16, 2016


Toolbar button to quickly toggle media.autoplay.enabled.

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Added November 13, 2016

Print Button

Easily print any page with just one click!

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Added November 13, 2016



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Added November 10, 2016


Lets you know when an audible tab is closed.

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Added November 8, 2016

Video Thumbs for Youtube

Allows you to have video previews on the thumbs of Youtube videos all over the site!, with a whole set of customization options for the thumb videos (starttime/loop/volume).

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Added November 7, 2016

Youtube Video Download

1. Install Extension
2. Play youtube video in your browser
3. Click the KV icon then click respective links to download
The most popular website's Youtube Video Download Extension

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Added November 7, 2016

Stowr – Samla alla recept

Spara recept direkt från Firefox till Stowr. Stowr är en digital tjänst som hjälper dig att samla och organisera dina recept, var du än hittar dem! Det är smidigt och vi hoppas att du kommer uppskatta och ofta använda dig av Stowr.

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Added November 2, 2016


Save all what you listen

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Added November 1, 2016

Responsive YouTube in theater mode

Automatically switch YouTube to theater mode and size videos to fill your entire browser window.

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Added October 30, 2016

Next Image / Previous Image

Scroll to the next image on the page by pressing „f“ or to the previous by pressing „r“

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Added October 27, 2016

Olwmo screen-sharing extension

Screen-sharing extension for Owlmo

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Added October 25, 2016

Disable HTML5 Autoplay

Disable autoplay and preloading of HTML5 video and audio players.

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Added October 24, 2016


This extension will create a gif animation from a html5 canvas element (the HTML5 canvas is commonly used for online games)

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Added October 21, 2016

Save to FileCloud

Save images, web content and screen capture to FileCloud - #1 Self-hosted Enterprise File Sharing and Sync Solution for Businesses

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Added October 19, 2016

WebinarJeo Screen Capturing

WebinarJeo addon for screensharing

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Added October 18, 2016



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Added October 18, 2016