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User Agent Switcher Compatible with Firefox 57+

Easily override the browser's User-Agent string

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4,197 users

External Video Player

Feel free to open any video with your favorite video player! Thanks to this extension you will be able to open online videos with any native video player like VLC, MxPlayer, etc.

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3,266 users

Desktop by Default

Enables desktop mode by default.

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4,586 users

Predicting pages1.1

Predicting web pages

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8 users

Map & More

Select any address text on a webpage and find it's location using Google or Bing Maps. You can also set the address as start or destination address

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165 users

User Agent Switcher (Firefox) Compatible with Firefox 57+

Switches the User Agent string of the Firefox Browser on the requested webpage when set to on to the requested User Agent string.

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463 users

Ultimate QR-code Generator Compatible with Firefox 57+

Creates and show QR-code from page URL, selected or custom texts.

Completely offlline, UTF-8 support.
QR-code can be saved to SVG or HTML.
Variable size, colors, correction level.
Some predefined templates available (WiFi, MECARD, etc)

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (11)
443 users

WMS Map Viewer on line Compatible with Firefox 57+

An advanced client for web mapping services that use the WMS protocol

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67 users

KeyCODE Compatible with Firefox 57+

A developer tool for e.keyCode in webpages. Use this app to find out the e.keyCode or e.which value to use in your JavaScript code for keyboard events like onkeydown, onkeyup, and onkeypress.

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Translate the selected keywords and statements with the Apertium translate engine

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27 users


Send links, phone numbers, text notes, map locations to your iPhone, iPad in one click!

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90 users


Shows Your Internet IP Address.This add-on will help you to find the Public Internet IP Address.

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17 users

Test Screensharing Extension

A screen-sharing extension

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Beastify2 Compatible with Firefox 57+

Adds a browser action icon to the toolbar. Click the button to choose a beast. The active tab's body content is then replaced with a picture of the chosen beast. See

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FlagIt Compatible with Firefox 57+

Flag checklist for Country and State Flags

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20 users

Spector.js Compatible with Firefox 57+

Easily explore and debug any WebGL context.

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171 users

Playlist Converter Compatible with Firefox 57+

Download playlists from different services and music formats like youtube, deezer and convert them to mp3, mp4 for free.

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143 users

Thaana fonts package

Dhivehi Thaana script fallback fonts for Firefox (Android edition)

Addon installs Divehi Thaana font (Faruma.ttf) that enables proper rendering of
Thaana on all sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Haveeru, CNM, etc

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4 users

Rocket.Chat Screen Share

Enable screen sharing for Rocket.Chat

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769 users