Message Composition


Color Text Compose Buttons

Adds Text-Color buttons in Compose Window. Adds more buttons: Font Size, Clear Formatting, Strikethough, Subscript and Superscript. Also adds Link to MathType.

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Added March 24, 2014


This extension makes it very easy to generate and attach stamps to outgoing mail. It also automatically detects and verifies stamps on incoming emails. The MBound algorithm requires a 16MB fixed table to work, HashCash is more CPU intense.

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Added February 19, 2014

Insert Link from Local File

Inserts links from local files via drag and drop on the composition window.

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Added February 18, 2014

Attachemnt Encoding Detector

To detect file encoding of attachments, this forces to Thunderbird to use an encoding detector for a specific locale instead of the generic one.

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Added February 18, 2014

Flex Confirm Mail

Confirm mail address and attachments based on flexible rules.

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Added February 18, 2014

MALA Hindi Spell Checker by MCRPV, (Anurag Seetha)

MALA (Makhanlal) Hindi Shabd Shodhak to check Spelling of Hindi Unicode Text by Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism & Communication, Bhopal, India. Chief Developer - Dr. Anurag Seetha. The program is Released Under the GNU GPL V 3

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Added January 23, 2014


Adds a menuitem to the Mail context Menu to Reply to a different Mailadress

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Added December 7, 2013

Certified Messages

Create secret messages in your emails that self destruct!

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Added November 30, 2013

Inbox Cleaner of expired Emails

Moves expired Emails out of your Inbox!

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Added November 17, 2013


This extensions enhances the category feature introduced by the SOGo-Connector: It allows to send emails to all the members of a category and provides a few category managing functions. The SOGo-Connector needs to be installed as well.

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Added November 16, 2013

Highlight External Addresses

This extension helps to warn the user when composing a message to a mixed group of people both in and out of the sender's organization. External addresses are highlighted in orange as a reminder.

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Added October 29, 2013

Macro Template No Restart

Macro Template is to replace mail templates with macros for date formatting.

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Added October 15, 2013

[BETA] Kmaleon Extension

Con esta extensión podrás hacer una copia de tus emails en el programa kmaleon.

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Added October 7, 2013

Kmaleon Extension (BETA)

Con esta extensión podrás hacer una copia de tus emails en el programa kmaleon.

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Added October 2, 2013

Ethical signature

Add a button to the email composition toolbar, which lets you insert an ethical signature.

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Added August 15, 2013


not a mapi plugin

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Added August 14, 2013

DL for Thunderbird

Allows to convert large attachments to links automatically without 3rd party providers.

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Added July 9, 2013

Posting Style Enforcer

Automatically converts top-posted messages to use bottom-positng or vice versa. Interleaved posts are left alone. Detects automatically added text and supports a per-contact list of exceptions.

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Added July 6, 2013

Smart Quotes

Enables “Smart” Quotes for Thunderbird Email

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Added May 31, 2013


Save your email into Evernote by forwarding it to Evernote email address.
Before you use it, you need to specify your Evernote email address (see the screenshot).

This function can be invoked by "Forward to Evernote" in the context menu.

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1,257 users
Added May 29, 2013