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I frequently visit this review forum to try and keep an eye on the possibility of Xmarks alternatives. Unfortunately I have some bad news regarding EverSync. I wonder if it is even going into a similar nosedive that Xmarks has taken, in terms of functionality I mean.
I have been using it, as my best Xmarks replacement, without any noticeable issues perhaps for more than a couple of months until the last few days. Unfortunately it started placing bookmarks in odd places when syncing from my base PC. The problem has got worse and today it removed all my bookmarks entirely and restore did not function at all. I have not changed anything of note in my base set up. So I am going to go back and give Firefox Sync a try again and of course will continue to drop in on this forum in the hope that someone has some good information in the pipeline.

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Gutes Programm, nur die Syncro ist ein wenig langsam.

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cross platform

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For those looking for alternatives:

1. Firefox Sync (if you exclusively use Firefox and no other browsers). You may also use your own Sync and/or Accounts servers to have full control of your data.
2. EverSync.

Excellent thread on Xmarks alternatives: reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/88bij9

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This has been one of the most useful addons ever! Unfortunately, as of May 1 2018, xmarks will no longer exist. EPIC FAIL! Why does everything worth while always seem to get disappeared?

In seeking a replacement I have found the Eversync seems to be leading the pack, but reviews are mixed in compare to xmarks.

Sad to see xmarks go... maybe an open source fork will emerge but none can be seen currently.

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Xmarks was the best sync bookmark extension. Currently I look @ others but they can't compare to xmarks.
I will miss you!!!

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Does not work right any more. It mess up all the saved bookmarks. Need to find a replacement.

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Company that owns both LastPass and Xmarks is terminating Xmarks.

Currently Xmarks does not work properly. As of May 1st, 2018 Xmarks accounts will be deactivated.

You need to find an alternative to Xmarks, ASAP.

How long LastPass will continue to be supported is ?

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I can't believe you heartless jerks just killed one of the most useful things ever :(

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Very easy to use

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C'est un add-on très performant mais il va bientot plus faire son boulot.
C'est dommage !!

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задрало ник вводить, с вашей уникальностью, ни кто ещё к моему нику так не придирался. Удалил и даже пробовать не хочу.

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IMPORTANT: Xmarks is a discontinued product as of May, 2018!
Do not install it because of ^^^ (also, it never quite worked right again after Quantum came out)

Xmarks was once fantastic, I hope to find something to replace the Profiles functionality.

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Asks for password several times. Will not work after May 1st.

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Thanks for your service in past years.
Looking for alternatives for both bookmarks & tabs of session,
any nice suggestion?

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I've been using xmarks since the very beginning (when it was called Foxmarks).
It's very sad to see it going away :'(

As ALTERNATIVE i suggest: Floccus


to be used with NextCloud, so that you can access your bookmarks everywhere and keep them in your control

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Für alle xMarks-Nutzer die Schwierigkeiten haben mit Englisch:

xMarks stellt seinen Dienst per 1.Mai 2018 ein! Bis dahin bleibt das Konto aktiv, um die bestehenden Lesezeichen zu sichern (zum Beispiel herunterzuladen als HTML-Datei). Ab dem 2. Mai ist das Konto nicht mehr erreichbar und eure Lesezeichen sind weg ...

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For the first I already had an account at XMARKS. But Xmarks didn't know "remember" it anymore.
So after many tries I opened a new account with another email address and another password.
It didn't help. Once I got a message "something got awry, internal error" I never could log in.
But for some reason I was able to login To review and give my star to XMARKS.
This went on 3 days.
"Never XMARKS or LastPass"

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5 stars because it was an amazing app that I used over 15 years. I can't find any like this! So, after we lost xmarks, I will export to html from the browser. Xmarks is unique!

Thanks Xmarks (dead 1st May 2018), testing alternatives now ... Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I used Xmarks since years and was very happy with it.

Right now, I'm already testing "Eversync" in 3 browsers on several computers and it's looking good so far ...
Shouldn't this alternative continue to work as expected, my 2nd choice would be "Bookmark OS" which works a little bit differently but looks also interesting (this one requires a small annual contribution to work correctly ...).